Three Weeks

15 December 2014

Three weeks from today, I will be starting my first classes at BSU. 2015 and January still sort of feel like they’re a long way away, but really they’re just around the corner. And with Christmas and New Years in there, there’s quite a bit happening in that short amount of time.

Within this 3 week time period, I still need to:

» Attend orientation and advising – Already scheduled for this Friday.

» Register for classes – Something I can’t do until I attend orientation, much to my frustration.

» Find an apartment  – My mom’s offered to help with this, as well, trying to cram myself, my stuff, and my cats into her home isn’t the most ideal situation.

» Apply for jobs – Balancing a full load of classes plus working will definitely keep me busy, but well, grocery money.

» Pack – Shouldn’t take all that long, given that 1) I’m in a studio apartment, and 2) I still have stuff I never unpacked from when I moved here at the beginning of the year.

» Find my bed – Yeah… so…. when I moved to the studio, I swapped my full-sized bed for my sister’s twin she wasn’t using… Only, now, we’re not sure who has my old bed. And I really would like it back.

» Move – My dad mentioned he’d help with the U-Haul, I just need to confirm this… then find some people to help get my stuff into the truck (as dad & I both have bad knees and can’t carry too much down stairs). I also want to get a new cat crate before this time too.

» Figure out a car – My dad and I have talked about signing over one of his cars to me, there’s just a lot that needs to happen with that first… so I don’t know when or if that will happen. Hoping that my new apartment will be not too far from campus, and thankfully there is a bus I can ride for free. Mainly it’s just grocery trips and whatnot — which until I get my own car, I can arrange with my mom or one of my grandmas.

» Buy my books – Need them for my learnin’. Just hope they’ll come in on time for my classes and, you know, not completely drain my bank account.

» Don’t panic.

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14 December 2014

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13 December 2014

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11 December 2014

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10 December 2014

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November Reads

9 December 2014

Novels + Short Stories Shadowcry (Wintercraft #1) by Jenna Burtenshaw – ★3-3.5 I finally got my library card linked up to the digital loans selection; this was the first book I checked out. Might not have been my first choice, but well, there were limited options. The basis of this storyline is the space between the living […]

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