27 November 2014


I’m thankful for…

» A mom who loves and supports me, and has bailed me out way more often than she should have had to.

» A dad and stepmom who accept me for who I am, or at least, let me believe that — and love me regardless.

» A brother who sends me endless pictures of his soon-to-be 1 year old daughters whenever I feel down.

» My brother’s girlfriend for being a wonderful addition to our family, and giving us 2 adorable little girls.

» A niece who loves me despite all the distance we’ve had between each other, and who Facetimes me and lets me talk to/at her baby sisters.

» A group of sisters who forgive, teach me patience through example, surprise me with their humor and curiosity.

» My extended family; the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… all of whom have helped shape me into who I am today in their own ways.

» My Mucca family, for loving me especially for the weirdo I am. I would have been lost a long time ago without them.

» My cats who comfort me during my down times, make me laugh endlessly, put up with my terrible singing, and show me unending love.

» My patrons and blog sponsors, without whom it’d be hard to keep up with this stuff.

» My blogging/online community; from 20sb compatriots to NintendoEnthused/MKGLers to FGbloggers to the punkists to IGGPPC — you enrich my world, even if mostly virtually.

» A temp office who wants the best for me and keeps offering me work.

» Cold weather and warm winter wear.

» A chance to do this college thing over again, and attempt a new career path at 30.

» Blazers, accessories, and other outfits that make me feel like a real adult.

» Netflix binges. Books to get lost in. Other fictional worlds to distract me.

» Thin mint coffee creamer.

» The feel of new comics.

» Never giving up on myself.

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Just some updates

21 November 2014

So just some quick late-night updates… The past couple of days or so, I’ve sort of been absent from social media. And that’s bleeding into this space too. With so much stuff going on right now — trying to get everything prepared for the move (and even just making sure that happens)… I’m going to […]

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Freedom and control: changing the relationship with my phone

19 November 2014

Last week I didn’t partake in the Fandom 5 topic regarding my top apps I can’t live without. However the topic got me thinking about how I use my phone. First, let me introduce it: Apparently I named it Winston the iPhoneasaur. (My iPod is Poddington II, and my iPad mini is Sir Smudgington.) Also, I […]

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Project Montana: The Detour

17 November 2014

So, when we last left off reality came crashing down and moving to Montana and starting school in January just wasn’t going to be possible at all. It hurt. And it was hard. But after I let myself express all of that emotionally, I got straight to plotting. This dream is about more than just […]

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Casual Cosplay: Thor

14 November 2014

Skipping out on the Fandom 5 this week, mainly because my top five apps I can’t live without are fairly common/basic. One exception might be Buster* — but that’s a Chicago transit app that’s only useful, of course, if you’re in Chicago. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to apps. So, instead, I’ll be […]

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Project Montana: And then reality comes crashing down. (or: embracing the fall)

12 November 2014

I wanted it to work. I truly thought it would. Those last few things seemed doable, they seemed manageable. All that stands between me and my dream to go to MSU and start a new career path was just a way to get out there and finding a place to live. But those things are […]

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On meals and community

10 November 2014

So thinking about comfort foods last week got me thinking about comforts related to food. Namely, I’m talking about my childhood church and our monthly communal meals before the Meeting for business. A lot of people know them as “potlucks”, but honestly I had never heard that word until college. For us, it was always […]

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