big fat update post.

28 May 2015

Despite the fact that I just had a 4-day weekend, I’m exhausted. It feels like there’s been a month’s worth of stuff just jammed into the past few weeks, and this week too. Let’s just quickly look at all this:

Spring term finished at the end of April.
I had one week off to lump around the house and be lazy.
Then summer classes started up — I’m taking 2, both online.
One week after my classes started, I began a job.
One week after this, my mom had a little health thing and ended up in the hospital for a few days.
And now I’ve got a midterm, another exam, and some responses to write.
This weekend I’ve got one of my sisters’ high school open house as well as the first officers meeting of the Indy chapter of Geek Girl Brunch.
And I can’t quite process what’s going on after that.

Ok so first, summer classes: They’re going fairly well. I’m still a little grumpy about forced group work (I don’t like letting others have control over my grades). I think I’ve finally got some sort of sense of schedule or rhythm with all of this. I’m half way through on class, and thus a quarter through the other. Which means time for tests!

And oh yeah, so this job thing. I’m filling in as a receptionist for a doctor who’s retiring at the end of June. His previous one took a new position, understandable since he’s retiring, but needed to start at the beginning of last week. I’m enjoying it. There’s not much to do, so I spend a lot of time reading for my classes, which really helps me out.

I tweeted some about my mom. She’s fine. The doctors just wanted to observe her for a few days. Mostly, mom was just bored. But yeah. She’s fine and very glad to be home.

And of course the other big thing is the GGB Indy chapter. If you’re not familiar with Geek Girl Brunch, you should check them out. I’d been sort of eyeing and following them for a little bit, but there were no local chapters around me. But recently they’ve been working on expanding, and there are quite a few new chapters launching this year. And one of them will be in Indy! I’m working with two amazing ladies, Sarah and Valerie, and I’m super excited about getting to know them as well as make some more friends here in my Hoosier homeland. And I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Anyway. Those exams? Yeah, I need to get on that.

I love you couch, you understand me cat.


Countdown to 31

13 May 2015

One month from now I’ll begin my plunge into being a “30-something.” No longer simply a 30-year-old, but in my 30s. And as I’ve mention before, I’m pretty ok with all of this. I have no idea what I’ll be doing on the actual day — whether I want to try to go up to Chicago […]

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My issues with online classes

12 May 2015

Summer session started yesterday, and I’m taking two classes — both of which are online. They’re 100-level courses required by my major, and I would have preferred to have taken them this past spring term, but there was misinformation and so I’m taking them now. I’ve taken a few courses online in the past. A […]

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Pull or Pass: Batgirl Vol. 1: The Batgirl of Burnside

7 May 2015

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Finals and funerals

4 May 2015

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April Reads

1 May 2015

Novels + Short Stories City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett – ★3.5 I received this as an ARC from the BookLookBloggers. It had an interesting concept: a place where divinities once lived, nations at war, and the presence of miracles hinting that the gods might not be gone after all. I struggled at first getting […]

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End of term

24 April 2015

As of Monday (at 10:50am), I will be done with classes for my first semester back in college. It still sometimes feel surreal that I’m back on campus, taking classes, preparing for exams and writing papers. But overall, I feel like I’ve adjusted back into it fairly decently. The biggest hurdle I’ve had is just […]

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