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This week for our Five Fandom Friday our topic is our Must-see Halloween Movies.

Oddly enough, though I find supernatural and cryptozoological things fascinating, the “halloween” category of movies just isn’t much of my thing. It all ends up being too much shock value and gore just for the sake of shock value and gore. I wanted to go for things I would actually consider watching myself — which is the topic, anyway.  So for my list, it’ll be a lot of humor included as well as just some nostalgia. And ok. Not all of these are movies. But they work! Trust me!

hocus pocus

1. I would be remise if I did not include this 1993 classic: Hocus Pocus. I actually kind of forgot that Sarah Michelle Gellar was in this because she’s pretty un-SMG, but in a good way. You’ve got your classic teen accidentally releases witches and chaos ensues scenario here. If you ever wanted an amazing sample of the era of Disney that I grew up with, this would be a good place to start.

manos hands of fate

2. Manos: The Hands of Fate. BUT the MST3K version, because that is the only way to survive this film. Possibly the worst film of all time. And watch it with others, because, again, the only way to survive this film. And maybe be drunk? It’s been since college since I last saw this, but I remember feeling disturbed, confused, and humored. It’s a cacophony of things. But mostly terrible.

Monster Maker - Ultragorgon

3. Jim Henson Hour’s Monster Maker. I can’t remember if this movie was the first spark of my love for JH’s Creature Shop, but it was definitely a big part of it. You’ve got this kid who is enamored with this monster shop, he starts working there, and then one of their creations comes to life — the Ultragorgon. There’s much more to this show than that, but I mean this was pretty much exactly what I thought as I kid what working for the Creature Shop would be like. Monsters and all.

supernatural - monster movie

4. “Monster Movie” – also known as episode 5 of season 4 of Supernatural. Not my favorite Supernatural episode by far. By far by far. But, the classic movie monster thing just feels appropriate for Halloween. It’s campy and fun, and I mean, Dean in lederhosen. Personally, I’d probably go for “Bad Day at Black Rock” or “Yellow Fever” — but that’s mainly because they are adorably silly. But still. You can’t go wrong marathoning Supernatural at any time of the year.

Blink - Doctor Who

5. “Blink”. Or rather: DON’T BLINK. Considered one of the most terrifying Doctor Who monsters, and rightfully so, what better time to scare the daylights out of you than to watch this episode (the 10th in the 3rd season — of Tennant’s run). If you want more Weeping Angels, you could go with The Angels Take Manhattan. But that’s more OMG ALL THE FEELS than it is so terrifying. For another holy-crap-that-creeps-me-out episode, go with “The Empty Child” (season 1, episode 10 — the new run in 2005).

And if I jump back to the topic of marathoning TV shows, of course for Halloween choosing Buffy or The Walking Dead would be appropriate choices as well. But if we want to go back to my childhood we’ve got probably the best choice for tv shows: Beetlejuice – the animated series.

Ok, you! Top show or movie for Halloween? Are you a halloween-style movie fan?


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