this wench…

the standard information:
name: rini c.s.
age: 25 (13.6.1984)
residence: The Second City — Lakeview.  (Previously: The Northern Territories)
occupation: freelance writer and designer; I am also the Assistant Manager at a super awesome toy store.
bachelor’s: obtained in 2007 from Goshen College in “Interdisciplinary Studies” — Communication, Writing, and Bible/Religion/Philosophy; minor in International Studies; study service term in China Fall 2005
relationship status: taken!

plans for continued academic gain:
Looking into MFAs and MAs in Creative Writing and Publishing… as well as New Media Studies.  Eventually, I’d like to look into a Ph.D program that involves Writing, Rhetoric and New Media. I’ve also thought about an MA in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management, or possibly Zoo & Aquarium studies…

a little bit of a biography:
I was born into a Quaker family, thus making me a birthright Quaker, in 1984 in central Indiana.  It was a fairly typical family; mother, father, and an older brother who I simply adored (seriously, my first word was “Tim”).  Somewhere around age 4 or 5, my parents got divorced.  Tim and I stayed with our mom, and my dad began transferring jobs and moving every few years.  It wasn’t too long before my dad remarried (Karen).

I continued to idolize my older brother, which resulted in my interest in street hockey, model cars, dinosaurs, skateboarding, roller blading, bmx biking, custom cars, low brass, guitars and basses — among other things (interest does not, by any means, mean skill).  Oh I still had my barbies, easy bake oven, and stuffed animals too.  I became a test partner for wrestling moves, and apparently had developed a good set of lungs as my mother could hear me scream from down the road.

School happened, and I chose to be in band, drama, a.v. (hey, copy machines and delivering tvs to class rooms is cool), science club (former president), the boys’ track team (as a manager in high school), newspaper and yearbook.  I attempted soccer a couple of times, only staying for a full season in seventh grade.  I was also on the prom committee my junior year, in which I picked the theme.
Tim was a good 3 years ahead of me, so we were only in school together twice.  Once when I was a kindergartner and then again my freshman year of high school.  This is when I got the nickname of “Little Tim”.  He was my reason for why I started managing the boys’ track team — free transportation to all of his meets.  It turned out to be fun, so I stuck with it and was the only one in my class to get a 4 year varsity letter on the team.  Anyway.  At some point… Tim manages to crack my nose — twice.  Each time with his forehead.

School ended and I opted for a private liberal arts college run by the Mennonites.  Thanks to years and years of attending and working at a summer church camp, I had the idea that I wanted to be a youth minister.  That lasted for less than a semester.  At Goshen, I switched majors only a few times — eventually settling on creating my own with the Interdisciplinary.  Through GC, I was able to travel to China, Germany, and South Africa (all in one school year too).

It was in my junior year of college, while in China, that my stepmom Karen (who had then given birth to all 4 of my half sisters by then), was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Deciding that she would rely on God to save her, and the fact that she had been pregnant (though miscarried) when she was diagnosed, Karen decided not to go through with chemo or radiation therapy.  She passed away one year later on 5 October 2006.  My dad was left with 4 homeschooled girls (ages 11, 8, 5, and 3 at the time).  Dad remarried (Cynthia) in 2008 after having courting her for nine months.

I finished college (2007) and decided quickly, though not quite on a whim, to move to the Second City.  I started as a nanny for a few months, then became an unemployed recluse hermit for a few months, then landed a job at a research-1 university.  Eventually I moved up to the Northern Territories… got two kittens… then started a few blogs…

update: I decided to move back to the Second City, where I’m living on my own with the kittens and working at a Toy Store… Just waiting for the shenanigans to begin.

( <3 mac )