MCS: multiple crush syndrome

Lately I’ve found myself in the company of some pretty amazing people.
My social group is broadening and I’m enjoying myself (and them) tremendously.

One thing that comes from hanging out with some pretty amazing people, is eventually — and well, sometimes, in my case — you realize you’re actually infatuated with some of these people.  Yes indeed, crushes have been developing.  And yes, that is plural.

Now, I’ve had multiple infatuations before.  That’s not that uncommon for me.  But these are crushes, leaning into the “I’d like to date you” realm… on more than one person during the same time span.  It makes for an interesting personal situation, and well, it just adds to the fun seeing as some of these crushes happen to share the same social groups.

I find that in those situations, where I’m in a group and there’s more than one person I’m attracted to present, that I’ll either make a conscious effort on just one individual or I’ll attempt to just play it a little more neutral and make it look like I’m not more interested in one over another.  Picking one individual can be hard, typically it’ll be whomever I feel is responding positively to my general awesomeness, or on occasion I actually will have stronger leanings towards just one person (though I wouldn’t want to count out my other options).  Attempting to be a bit more neutral does work, but it tends to send off the friendship vibe a little stronger than I’d want for some crushes.  Also, combine that with alcohol and you get the reverse — one big, giant drunken ball of flirty awesomeness that is me.

Currently, I feel I may be taking a somewhat healthy approach to my MCS.  There are definitely a select few that I wouldn’t be too opposed to beginning a relationship either now or in the near future.  Another small handful of people who I’d just like to continue to get to know better and see if something might click.  And then a slightly larger group of people who are still basically in the infatuation camp who might develop into some sort of interest.  Rather just throwing myself head-first into this, just jumping in and directly saying “I want to date you” (though I might and have been decently obvious about my interest in them) — I’m taking my time.  Finessing the relationships a bit more.  Frankly it’s because I know how awesome these people are, and I can actually be satisfied with friendship.  (Though I will say, having a reliable and predetermined make-out partner is very nice.)

Though I definitely do not want to be overwhelmed by someone’s interest in me, I do want to feel desired.  I want my crushes to respond back and that maybe out of that something will actually develop.  I’m not necessarily looking for a serious relationship (something I believe I’ve mentioned before).  I’d like to go on dates.  I’d like to have someone to spend time with and just enjoy each other.  Just see where things go.