the tale of the four hour haircut…

18 December 2008

Don’t prep yourself for a horror story, I look damn cute (as always).

So yesterday, I had a 5:30p appointment at the cosmetology academy here in town…  My normal hair stylist said it’d probably be the best place to do color.  (I tend to go to a cheap walk-in place, which happens to have fabulous stylist which I completely trust — and tip well.)

I’ve been toying with the idea of pink hair for a while… and had been searching for a new style too… For a bit I was tempted to use the same style I had for my character on Guitar Hero… but then, a few weeks ago, this salon from Portugal contacted me here on Wench.  Since I obviously can’t just hop on a jet and go to Europe for a new cut, I browsed their images and printed out a few to take with me to the academy.

I didn’t do anything too dramatic… but I had a little fun.

But the four hours?  How can that be?  Well, there was some consultation because me being me wanted pink hair.  They didn’t have pink dye, so we had to come up with a plan B — which includes me acquiring pink dye and doing it on my own (aka probably going back and paying to have them put it in).  OK, so we have the consultation done… now it’s time to bleach out the highlights for where the pink will eventually go…   Then we put on the full color….  then that all sits.   Eventually the bleached part is ready (ish), and so we take off the foils and examine them and prep them for toner.  After the color has set, then I can go and get an amazing head massage/shampooing.  I absolutely loved this.  If I could afford it, I’d have my hair washed by someone else every day (hence the disappointment in not needing a man-slave anymore).  When the wash is (sadly) over, we do some chair hopping and eventually I’m back at the sink for toner.   Once that’s in and set and washed, then I’m back in the chair and ready for my cut.  It’s 8p or after by this point.  So we begin the cut… and then there’s styling — about 15 minutes of styling it with the blow dryer.  At this point I’ve got my student stylist plus at least two or three more there, with a couple instructors popping by every now and then.

So it’s not complete…. and it’s not uber dramatic…. but still, after 4 hours (and missing my chance to hang out with the Virginian Dan that night)… I look damn cute.   But can we expect anything less from me?

not too dramatic of a change not too dramatic of a change from the back, from below from the back, from below
yep.  still damn cute. yep. still damn cute.

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