a lot of silliness and love

Last night my roommates and I had our Christmas dinner.

Libby made some killer, fall-off-the-bones ribs… and Becca made some really good garlic mashed potatoes, and broccoli (seriously one of my favorite veggies — which I hated until I went to China… I don’t understand it either)… Jess made rolls and Abby helped her make the gingerbread pieces.  I supplied the wine.

After dinner… we went upstairs for gifts and gingerbread decorating… and silliness.
I decided for my gingerbread apartment, that well, I’d be a little non-traditional.  Basically… Well…  Here’s the video…

Gingerbread of DOOM

Yeah… Nothing says Merry Christmas like and inferno and dead candy people.  (I’d like to blame my weirdness on the wine, soda, and half-a-tin of cookies that I ate.. but it’s all me.)

This year we put a $10-20 cap on gifts.. and I tried to stay near the lower end… not because I don’t care about my roommates $20-worth… but because I got gifts for about 17-18 people this year.  Five of whom are 13 and under.  I went with books for all of them… A 365-recipe cookbook for Becca, two histories of Britain (by Austin and Dickens) for jrosei, the Secret Spy Handbook for Libby (in which I’ll post a video of the reading soon), and an amazing dating book for Mennogirl (entitled: “Dating Makes You Want to Die, but You Do It Anyway”)….

We had a lot of fun with gifts, and I can say… it’s easy to tell that we live together.  I could see a little of each of my roommates in the gifts they gave me, as well as knowing that they perfectly fit me too.  I’ll have a full list of loot after the holidays (it’s sort of a tradition from older blogs that mostly originated with JenJen!theamazing… one of the only people from my high school I keep in decent contact with.)

Anyway…  It was a great night of giggling, silliness, kitties, short skirts, weird faces, and love.