family & merriment, a holiday tale

So I’ve returned… with a suitcase full of clean clothes, a bag full of goodies, and apparently some sort of stomach bug or flu.

I definitely wasn’t doing well on Monday night — I completely emptied my stomach contents in a handful of hours and have no interest in eating at Steak-n-Shake for a while.  Anyway.  So Monday I was miserable.  Now, I’m still trying to stabilize my body temperature, I’ve got a mild headache and I’m pretty sure my vertigo is bothering me as well.  I’m not doing terrible, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to partake in New years festivities tonight.

Onto more notable things… Christmas Merriment!

I spent Christmas morning with my mom, as I’ve done for all of my past Christmases.  For the past couple years, it’s just been me and my mom — and the pets.  Seriously, Dexter (our dog) loves Christmas.  As soon as you put his present down, he starts unwrapping it.  Bear just loves the ribbons.

That afternoon we went to my aunt’s (mom’s sister).. did gifts there.. Lil G loves it over there.. our little cousin Lleyton has tons of toys, including a bounce house.
On Friday was gifts and food at my grandparents’ (dad’s folks)… in which we did gifts with my dad and sisters too.  This is sort of becoming a tradition too, since we generally don’t go up to dad’s and they’ve just recently started staying there for Christmas morning.

Anyway… I had a great time with the family, giving my mom a lot of monkeys.. and here’s the list of loot that I came away with:

  • Blankets – Craig Thompson
  • Paste Magazine subscription
  • Panda Ornament
  • Padded business card holder
  • Shark mints
  • 2 $15 iTunes gift cards
  • Beatles Monopoly
  • sewing kit
  • Christmas tree ornament
  • penguin ornament
  • frog tea pot
  • fuzzy socks with grip pads on the bottom
  • hat, scarf & glove set
  • cash & a check
  • Brain age 2 for DS

I’m pretty sure that covers it… I might be forgetting something.

Tuija and Kaija also got gifts this year… a new Omega Paw rolling litter box with mat (okay, so I’m more excited about this gift than they are — if it works, no more scooping).  They also got this “over-5-foot-tall” bright pink kitty tower, which they haven’t really played with much, and another kitty cube.

My highlight of my Christmas would definitely be spending time with my cousins.  My cousin KT got married on the 27th, so all the other cousins were in town.  I finally got to see Shune — my Japanese cousin whom I’ve only previously talked to online.  My younger half-Chinese cousins were there, as well as their Chinese mother who lives pretty close to me.  Saramoira couldn’t come out, which was sad… My cousin Nathan was around too, which I enjoyed.  He’s getting his Ph.D at Juilliard in music comp, so he’s generally too busy to keep in contact.

I brought my Wii home… this allowed my cousins, sisters, dad, and grandmother to play… and can I just say, the best Wii bowler in my family is my grandma.  She destroyed us all.

Pictures on Friday.