The Wenchish Faith…

2 January 2009

Okay, so one time in college, my then boyfriend, Sean, directed this movie… and I was in it… and now it’s on YouTube.

Yep.  I was the female lead in a short film fest entry called “The Louish Faith”…
and well… to save you from finding it yourselves, I’ll just post it here.
Minus my terrible acting, I still find this video hilarious… probably because my friends are in it… and well, I miss them all…

Okay one warning.  Zombies and Ninjas.  There. (Combination for awesomeness? I think so.)

The Louish Faith

“Lou finds himself longing for faith after his girlfriend leaves him. Despite a doubting friend he discovers Jesus, and then kills him. Then Jesus comes back as a zombie.”

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