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13 January 2009

I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a lot more mail in the past year or so since leaving college… unfortunately, it’s nothing I really want.  Various oddly shaped adverts saying that I really need their products, a multitude of banks deciding that they love and trust me enough to pre-approved me for any number of credit cards, and then bills.

Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate enough for parents who’ve covered my expenses on most major things.  Besides for a few attempts to make car payments, I didn’t really have to cover any of my own bills until after college.  Mainly my mom covered these bills.  She’s actually gone beyond what some would do and has not only bailed me out numerous times, but my brother as well.  (She — and my dad — have still continued to do this for Timmy and I, depending on the situation… )

Anyway… now that I’m in the land of adulthood, those lovely little paper annoyances come my way and I actually have to deal with them.  When there’s online bill paying, that hasn’t been too much of an issue.  I like being online.  Typing things in and clicking submit is easy.  Filling out a little form and then finding a stamp, which first meant purchasing stamps (which of course meant walking down to the post office)… well, that takes a bit more effort… especially for the ones I have to write a check for.  Generally, I only use my checkbook to pay my share of the rent, which goes directly to my roommate.

So what has this meant, well.. basically I still have an outstanding medical bill from July.  That I will take care of this week.  (Dear Lord, someone hold me to it this time.)  … and well, the mail has had the unfortunate timing of compiling all of my bills and plopping them in my lap this week.  Thanks to the past few months of unhealthiness (my back, my emotional breakdown, and my wrist), well.. I’ve got a number of medical bills now… ranging from the $75 I owe from July to the two bills over $200… I think there’s about four or five medical bills total.  Add to those my nasty habit of being materialistic, and well, I owe about $350-400 for clothing and such I bought during the holidays (for myself)…. then the normal things, like rent that I’ve already paid, and electric which is automatic just like my transit card, and my cellphone bill… and well.. damn.  I’ve got a lot of checks to write.  I think we’re guestimating about or around or maybe even over $1000 in bills this month (including that one from July that I’m finally going to pay, and not including rent since I’ve already paid it or the electric or transit since they pay themselves…).

And you know what… all I can think about is how I want to go out and get this shirt my brother showed me… and maybe some more winter appropriate clothes and maybe clubwear (see: wardrobe malcontent)… and a new laptop…  and I really want to go out for some Nepalese food…

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