musings on my (internet) dating life.

Ok.  Well.  I sort of feel the desire to say that, in reference to my previous post (see here: iCrush), that I am not “very much in love” with anyone.  I am infatuated, curious, and ensnared by their display of online attractiveness.  I just happen to like the word “smitten”… (and for that matter “smite” and “smote”… )  I also happened to enjoy looking at various males’ profiles on various websites.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a pro at it by any means, I have been a member of some various internet dating site for about 8 years now.  And yes, if you do the math, that meant that I was under the age of 18 when I signed up for my first account… But hey, I did find my date for my junior prom so, it wasn’t so bad.  And I did tell him my real, younger, age before meeting in person.  Now, eight years ago, that was probably a pretty dumb thing for me to do.  Things have changed a bit, and it’s become marginally more acceptable.  My mom uses online dating sites, as did my dad to find my new stepmom, and my cousin who just got married found her husband thanks to eHarmony.

Every site is a bit different, and each will draw their own crowd.  I personally stick to sites that don’t require me to pay for anything.  Maybe if I was actually desperate to be in a relationship, or to get married, I might… but even though I’m on these sites, I actually have very low expectations of meeting people, or at least meeting people that I’ll actually end up dating.  Like I said, I like looking at various males’ profiles (okay, mainly their pictures), but I also like getting emails from various males most of which reminding me how attractive I am.  Even if I am in no way remotely even attracted to them, it’s still nice to hear.

I actually have met some pretty interesting people from the most recent site I’ve been on.  Well, actually, I met one person who introduced me to a lot of other people who are also on that site.  And then I met one who was either having a bad night or, well, not that happy of a person…  And then there was the Virginian… But out of all the emails I get, a small handful are worth responding to.  And lately I feel pretty lucky that there’s been a couple who… well, I smile quite a bit when I see I’ve got a message from them in my inbox.  And really, there’s one in particular that I wouldn’t mind meeting offline one of these days.

I will admit, it is sort of an odd thing.  Chrizzle and I have discussed this.  When you meet someone online, you tend to want to develop things quickly, or at least, more so than if you had just met in person maybe.  That all it takes is a couple emails and then you’re ready to not only meet this stranger in person but probably also do a little bit of making out and maybe more…

The sites are fun, and do provide entertainment (especially during the lulls at work)… but I think they can be terrible replacements for an interpersonal relationship.  However, I never can quite convince myself to delete my account.