swell expectations

25 January 2009

Even though this week is about me relaxing and refocusing myself so that I can return to work in February ready to work on things — something in which I’ll expand on later this week, maybe — I’m sort of hoping things work out where I can take a jaunt up north and visit with this really swell guy

I won’t lie.  I’m nervous.  I haven’t even talked to this guy on the phone yet, and in case you haven’t figured this out yet, no we’ve never met in person.  But I kinda like this guy.  So I’m really hoping things go well — that we can meet up, spend some time together… and maybe there’ll be a kiss…

I can’t really get worked up about the issue of online vs. offline attractiveness.  I know I’m attracted to his online presence.  And yeah, I’ve met guys who seemed great online, but in person… it just didn’t work out.  But well, he’s probably thinking about the same thing in regard to me.

I don’t know what kind of expectations he has in regards to women.  I also don’t know if he’s pursuing other women as well.  I can only be myself — which luckily for me is damn awesome and damn cute.  And I can only hope that he has some time in his schedule this week to fit me in…

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