getting schooled at home

29 January 2009

Things that I have learned or relearned/remembered, either about myself or just in general, while spending this week at my father’s…

  • only packing laundry leaves for an interesting selection of clothes; in my case, just a handful of tshirts and jeans, only one nice top, and a whole lot of socks and underwear.
  • sleeping in the schoolroom is nice because it has doors (privacy), but it also means I have to be up and have my mattress out of the room before home school starts for my sisters…
  • my skills in zoning out/ignoring are still strong, with the volume and energy of my sisters, this has been nice at times
  • I’m surprised I’m not more tired than I am, given that I’ve been staying up until after 1 or 2a most nights and waking up at 8:30a every morning.
  • variety is not really a large part of my family’s diet, or at least their pantry…
  • it’s harder to take a nap without at least one kitten
  • I haven’t listened to my iPod (and subsequently any of my music) since early saturday morning. This mildly bothers me, but I have yet to go fetch my iPod out of my purse…
  • apparently there are a lot of forms and paperwork related to taking a leave from work
  • I’m actually a lot stronger than I allow myself to believe and actually had the answers I needed in regards to resolving (or working to resolve) my workplace stress (which is why I’m not currently at work)
  • I tend to lie to myself and let myself think there is more hope for a relationship when it comes to men I’m interested in than there probably is…
  • That said, I do know and realize that I am a damn good catch, and that someone will see that and want to be a part of my awesomeness
  • I still really enjoy going through, reading and writing HTML, CSS, and PHP… and am impressed in my ability to troubleshoot various issues
  • Wood burning stoves are ridiculously hot and you shouldn’t (accidentally) brush your arm against them.

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