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10 February 2009

When Google Maps first released their Street View feature, I was sort of creeped out at first… I mean, first I actually thought it was really awesome, then I thought it was really creepy, then I was indifferent… which now I’m sort of back to the “I like this” camp — though it’s still bordering on creepy.

ANYWAY.Β  I whilst looking around the internet, I found this:
Street with a View

I so want to do this.Β  Get Mucca Pazza in on it among others.Β  However, the folks on Sampsonia Way in Pennsylvania beat us all… It’s pretty awesome though, and you should definitely check it out.

  • OH MY DOG!!!!! First of all, I’ve read a ton of your posts. And what I want to tell you is to not sweat swell guy. Remember, there are a TON of swell guys. Believe me. And if you ever doubt that, just pack your bag and come to Boston for a weekend of Swell Guys with MacDuff. Because, I’m sorry, it’s obvious that you’re fabulous and he’s just suffering from a recent head injury.

    Yay Dooce! It’s the best place to make friends!

  • Yeah, the swell guy and I are working on the “just friends” thing. So we’ll see how that goes. It definitely does help that he lives about 4-5 hours away by train (since I don’t have a car)…

    Gosh, I’ve been meaning to get out to Boston for a bit… I’ve got a cousin at BC and well, I just thought it’d be a cool city to check out. I mean, if that’s where all the swell guys are hiding… ’cause they aren’t necessarily making their presence known here all that well!

  • Sounds like a good adventure for you – people from Boston are strange, never met one who didn’t seem pretty awesome though.

    Side note though, “just friends”? I’m sure you’ve seen the movie, most things don’t end that way. Focus on something more prevalent like… the design of your website – I like it.

  • I think the “just friends” thing will work. We haven’t met in real life yet, and the 190 miles between us does help nix a relationship from forming.. (Granted, yes, my dad and current stepmom were a lot further when they began courting — he in Indiana, she in North Carolina… they got married 9 months after they began talking)… ANYWAY. Why don’t you think “Just friends” can work?? (out of curiosity)

    And thanks. πŸ™‚ I like my pink dinosaurs too. They make me happy…. though well, compared to my myspace page, this blog doesn’t seem as pink anymore.. maybe I’ll do make some changes for the 6th month anniversary of wench…

  • The dinosaurs definitely make the deal with your site πŸ˜‰ All in all, it is very “clean” looking. I also like the fact it isn’t too pink while being almost completely pink lol.

    Regarding the “just friends” portion, I just don’t understand how you can only ever be “just friends” with someone when at least one of you feels a romantic connection. You’ll always want more (not always a big deal), but you’ll also start basing other people off of them. Additionally when in the “just friends” status, you see only the good parts about them and things will just go downhill. That’s my take on it, much from personal experience. Also as a disclaimer: who knows, it might really work for you and could be great, it’s just a heavy risk and I think you’re time could be better spent elsewhere.

    • Really? I was sort of thinking it wasn’t pink enough… hmm… maybe my myspace is TOO pink…
      which all of this is odd. I’m not a pink person.

      I’m not sure if there was a romantic connection. I think he’s hot, and I enjoy talking to him — so I was curious to see what else there could have been… but this could just be me using my own connotation of “romantic” too.

  • Pink can certainly be an intolerable color. Many things can be TOO pink. Could always go with gray, if people complain about it being dark, just say it’s “metal” and then just rock out – Only really works in person though πŸ˜‰

    From what you’ve described, it just seems a bit more than “curious” about what could have been/be. I’m terrible at reading people too, so I could be off as well.

    • Gray happens to be one of my favorite colors. Some people find that odd… but there are certain shades that I just love. And I love it in combination with other colors.

      I mean, I won’t deny it. I was slightly bummed that it wasn’t going to work out how I was hoping. But I’m still excited and happy about having him as a friend. Even if we’re not going to date, I still think he’s a pretty awesome dude.

  • Anyone else find it ironic that these comment conversations are off of the main topic titled “Street with a View”? Funny to me atleast πŸ˜‰ I love gray as well, mostly just with combination unless it’s a deep charcoal gray.

    Sometimes those are the best friends. I had an ex who was a great friend for the longest time. Obviously didn’t work out going that route, but I see the potential if both had been willing to work at it. Something else to consider I suppose – if he feels the same about wanting to be friends. Make it a joint effort πŸ˜‰ just don’t be standing alone in the cold.

    • Well… I can’t speak for him — though I doubt he’ll post a reply himself (even though he does read this blog) — but from my understanding after we talked, we both want to be friends.

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