making progress

So apparently consuming a fair bit of sugar and caffeine has helped get a lot done on my graduate admissions… I mean, I did indeed get my taxes done, as well as my FAFSA, as I’ve mentioned… but I’ve also managed to submit two applications as well — I just need to finish a few other things before my application is actually complete…

What I need to complete my grad school applications:

  • Finish my CV (aka create a list of my publications and insert it into CV, which is done except for that part)
  • Gather my material for my portfolios
  • Actually put together my portfolios (two 20 page, one 25 page)
  • Send copies of my portfolio & CV to the professors who have been kind enough to write letters for me
  • Write 3 personal statements (each 300-500 words)
  • Receive my transcripts (which have been requested)
  • Receive my letters of recommendation
  • Put everything together into happy envelops/packaging
  • sit and wait.

Yep.  Not that much really.  I think I’m going to dig through my computers as well as my room to try get the information I need for my CV… and then take all those items I’ve found and start piecing together my portfolio — having the roommates take a quick peek…. Then if there’s time and energy, continue outlining my statements…  By the end of the week my CV should be done, as with my portfolios.  I’d like to have my first draft of one of my personal statements done as well.

Woohoo for goals and accomplishments.  I deserve a cookie.  (no, seriously, I do. you should probably get on that.)