stumbling upon concerts unexpectantly

About a week and half ago, or something thereabouts, I stumbled upon a concert with Dani.  We were out with Neemer, celebrating her 24th birthday (which included some Indian/Pakistani foods and karaoke)… It was a grand time, very entertaining…

Angel texted us, numerous times, to get us to come out and go dancing with him and some of their other friends.  This led Dani and I to the Empty Bottle.  Angel and crew finally arrive, as we finish shuffling in and paying at the door.  We didn’t realize there would be a show that night… I mean, I’ve never been to the Bottle besides to go to concerts, but hey, if Angel says there’s dancing there might be dancing.

Instead, there was this:

My Gold Mask @ Empty Bottle

I quite enjoyed the last bit of their show that we caught…
While waiting for the next band, we meandered… stumbled around… played with the bar cat some… and took some pictures in the photobooth… and then we were alerted to the next act….

The Bitter Tears @ Empty Bottle

Needless to say. It was an interesting night.