tis the season….

25 February 2009

… for Girl Scout cookies!!

At one point in my life I donned the green uniform and peddled cookies upon the masses… made it up through junior scouts before quitting.

Regardless, I love me some cookies.  Especially at work.  We’ve got liquid nitrogen.  LN2 + Thin Mint = Awesome.

Hopefully 5 boxes (only 2 of which are Thin Mints) will hold me off for a while…

I sense an oncoming sugar coma...

I sense an oncoming sugar coma...

  • Dude!

    Those Girl Scouts and their snappy marketing experts are at it again! Have you had the new “THANK YOU” cookies? Circular. Shortbread. Chocolate. The perfect triumverate.

    Who could turn down one of those little darling girls for a box of those?!

    Dude. be nice. I had to edit your comment (shown in italics). -Rini

  • No. I haven’t tried the “Thank You” cookies. I have a method for ordering… A lot of it is based on a good mixture of quality (taste) and quantity. With the traditional short bread cookies, you get 40 in a box — the most out of any of the cookies they offer. With the Lemonades, pictured above, you get about 16 cookies. At $4 a box, it makes a difference.

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