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8 April 2009

I feel like a selfish bastard.

Here I am earning the most money I’ve ever earned in my life, and I’ve completely dropped the ball on making donations.  My goal after college was to donate to at least one charity of my choosing every year — to have memberships in organizations I supported and want to continue seeing their good works… And well, the only money I’ve sent out is from various checkout lines when they ask if you’d like to donate an extra dollar for a particular cause (mainly I do this at Petsmart)…

In college, when I was earning a whopping $5.15 an hour — barely pulling a $120 paycheck each month — I found the time to donate.  Even when working at the thrill park I made a donation to a local children’s hospital in my sisters’ names.  But now?  Nope.  Sorry.  All this hard earned cash is reserved for me.  I mean, seriously.  I bought a DS and then 3 weeks later bought a Wii with Guitar Hero World Tour (not the full band kit, mind you, but still).  It’s not uncommon for me to drop $300 a weekend on clothing every other month.  And well, I’m embarrassed by the number of shoes I’ve purchased.

So.  As you as my witnesses — and PLEASE hold me accountable — I am setting a goal to make donations this year.  I’m not specifying how much.. but I plan to contribute at least something (preferably >$10) to the following charities, groups, and/or organizations:

  • WWF – I actually plan on doing at least one $50 adoption.  Yes, I want the plushie.  Not even going to hide that fact.  (HINT TO MALES WHO MAY BE INTERESTED IN ME: This, or something similar, would make an amazing gift for me.  Just so you know.)  The hardest part will be which to choose… Sharks? Pandas? Tigers? Wombat? Blue-Footed Booby?
  • Oceana – For those of you who truly know me, or have seen my tattoo, you know that I have an absurd fondness for sharks.  Over fishing and finning are huge issues to me, and I seriously almost cried while watching sharkwater.
  • CTP – I’ve gotten to know various CTPers throughout my life and would love to support them any way I can.  Mennogirl‘s brother, Mennonot, was working for them in London for a while.. and still works for them here.
  • WGCS – Yes, this is a radio station. Yes, I previously worked there.  I support Jason and the staff a lot, and seriously miss working there.  Getting exposed to so much music, while working in such a great environment truly enriched my college experience…. even if Jason did call me the Globe’s Delilah….
  • LP Zoo – I love this place.  It’s one of my happy places here in the city.  With the fact that it’s free admission, I can’t help but want to donate to make sure they stay open and can truly support their programming and animals.  So many innercity youth have been able to be exposed to a variety of wildlife and information thanks to this zoo.

There are other places I would consider.  The city’s huge and there’s a lot going on… If the reading band gets their nonprofit started this year, I’ll be donating to them as well — I mean, I am one of the organisers/planners/committee members.  Also, if others from a social networking group I’m in will join me, I’d be willing to help sponsor some crazy, geeky, (and okay, yes, attractive) british guy to come to the city for that group’s annual meet-up — which I’m not even attending!  (I swear, nerdy/geeky/dorky men will be the end of me.)

Anyway.  Within the next week or so I’ll put something up so that this is permenately afixed to a sidebar, meaning that I should be nagged at all costs to complete my goal this year.  It shouldn’t be hard… but I’ll have to make a change from my materialism (video games, shoes, special cheeses, books, things from ikea, and my near-addiction to buying bras & panties) and focus on using my funds for a greater cause. … And then buy all those things…

  • megan

    ah yes, this christmas i gave to our local NPR station. that’s an idea! chicago public radio gives us this american life and wait, wait don’t tell, two of the awesome-est shows on NPR.

    hmm, if you go the WWF way, i’d give to teh blue footed-booby, and not the panda. though they are cuddly-looking, they have little impact on the ecosystem.

    glad to hear you’re giving back! it feels good.

  • megan

    ahem, “wait, wait, don’t tell me” is the actual title..

  • I sadly haven’t listen to NPR in a while… part of that was because I didn’t have a radio in Chicago for a while… but now that I do… (though I also have TV and like being a mindless bum)..

    We listened to a lot of NPR at Dam Straight. Part of this was V’s doing. I tended to keep the dial at 91.1 … maybe I was hoping my roommates would actually listen to my show…..

  • Yes, finally, ‘attractive’! I’ve made the step up from ‘kinda dorky and hairy’.

    *punches the air*

    If I visit, I will bring Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess; and let you keep them (at least until you finish them). I’m just that kind of always-giving benevolent geek.

  • Aw. Dorky and hairy aren’t bad things.
    And loaning me video games when you come definitely earns points in my book.

  • megan

    ah, put those horrid days of dam straight behind you, m’ dear. we’ve all had living situations like that. you’re on the up and up! your own place with two lovely kitties and endless pairs of shoes.

    i strongly encourage you to give “wait, wait don’t tell me” a listen. were i a chicago resident, it would be my first plan of action to get a ticket to attend the show. shoot, i’d give my left boob to attend.

    • Dam straight wasn’t that bad. Though we females overtook the bathroom every morning, so Dan ended up using the public bathroom down by the dam or sometimes the clump of trees in the yard….

      I should look into tickets… in fact, the next time you’re going to be in the area we’ll try to do just that. and you can even keep your boob.

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