and that's done… (my weekend in bullets)

13 April 2009

Okay, so there’s just too much that’s been going on for me to sit and focus on one aspect.  So rather than ramble, incoherently too probably, I’m going to try to just give you some snippets of the last few days…

  • The Canadian keeps messaging me.  Even once starting the text with “hay sweetie”…. I have not made any plans on meeting up with him at this point.  It’s clear he’d like something more from me than what I’d like to give, so I’m trying to play things down as much.  I still feel like he’s a nice guy, and I did have fun with him, but I don’t want him to think that I’m serious about him when I’m not…
  • I had rather uneventful Thursday and Friday evenings.  Mostly watch Food Network and House.
  • I’ve just recently received just a couple messages from a Radio guy.  Nothing much.  I told Dani about him, and that he’s 32.  Her response: “Why do you want to hang out with someone in their 30s?”  Me: “I don’t know.  ‘Cause he’s cute.”  As I said, there isn’t much.  Just about 3 (short) emails thus far.
  • I went grocery shopping on Saturday morning, and brought my little trolley cart… I wasn’t thinking when I bought food and completely overloaded my cart… I tied about 3 bags to the side of this thing, and then carried 3 more… It was a complete mess.  It tipped forward at one point, over a crack in the sidewalk… and then I tripped over it… nearly smashing my face on the concrete.  Luckily I was able to catch myself, and pick up all my spilled food.  I got home slowly, but without any more spills.
  • I made and used my first zipcar reservation.  Got a truck.  It was fun.  I drove Dani and mjjb out to Ikea.  It was… a scene.  Let’s just say I’m going to rip that page out.  Anyway… I extended my reservation and we got to Ikea… I had a nice list of all I wanted, but only got some small kitchen stuff, a bedside table, and a bed… well, half of a bed… Turns out I needed two boxes for my bedframe.. something I didn’t see sign for… nor did the cashier tell me… So I have to go back at some point to get the rest of it… at which time, I’ll probably pick up a desk and I’ll check out some other stuff of mild interest.. like shelves…  Kath, another woman from work, might drive me out there this next time…
  • I spent more at the grocery store than I did at Ikea.  Yep.  (Hey, I need those specialty cheeses….)
  • I didn’t celebrate Easter.  I did however call my youngest sister and wish her a happy 6th birthday.  I told her that yes, I still remember that I owe her one American Girl doll… and that the new store wasn’t too far from the Hershey’s store, so we could get some chocolate too… That made her happy.
  • I also went to potluck in the Southern Lands of Pilsen.  It’s a nice easy commute there now.  Just one bus.  Anyway.  I made one of my half-assed potato bakes with squash.. The potatoes weren’t as good as I would have liked, but eh, still wasn’t bad.  There was less alcohol there than normal… and I also found out that my friend Dan — who I really haven’t spoken much with outside of potlucks since he accompanied me to my cousin’s wedding in November — moved to LA and cut his hair.  I did have a fun night though.  I’m excited about having the potluck crew up to my new place for some wine and cheese….

So.. that sort of wraps up the past few days for me.  Nothing major, but nothing all that great or all that terrible either.  A passable weekend.  We’ll see what this week brings… maybe I can push for a date or something…

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