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14 April 2009

Every few months I go through this massive urge to do something to my hair — to change it some how.  Whether that be through a simple trim/cut, coloring, or a major style change.

And the season has come upon me that I’m just itching to do something, anything, with this mess of hair on my head.
It needs to be colored, no doubt about that.  But mainly, I’m completely torn over whether I should grow it out at all or if I should cut it shorter, basically so it’d look more like my main picture up there on the left.

Part of me wouldn’t mind trying long hair again… Though I’d want to do something with my fringe/bangs… I’ve never really been a fan of having fringe that’s just straight across the forehead.. I’ve got loads of childhood pictures with crooked bangs and so-so haircuts.

[singlepic id=30 w=320 h=240 float=center]

That’s me in high school… Unfortunately that’s really the best picture of me with long hair I could find at the moment… and yes, that’s my happy puppy, Dexter Doodlekins…   But yes, I used to have long, flowing hippy hair… It was very boring.

And for comparason…

[singlepic id=31 w=320 h=240 float=center]

That’s me my junior year of college.  I got back from China and South Africa and had a friend cut my hair.  He gave me the most slanted bangs ever, and after a week I couldn’t stand it any more.  So I approached another friend and had her cut it all off.  It was amazing to have short hair.  So much easier… though it did require work in the morning otherwise I’d sort of have this Wolverine look going on…  It was fun, and some of my family loved it (as in, they said you should always keep your hair short)… But that whole growing out phase sucks.  So it’s either keep it short forever or have 3-6 months of awkward hair.

[singlepic id=29 w=320 h=240 float=center]

And that’s me as of a few minutes ago…
This seems to be a standard look for me.  The mildly choppy grown out hair…. Maybe it I get the bangs done just a bit, so they’re just basically swept to a side and in my eyes like I like it.. then I’ll be okay with it all…

Luckily, hair goes back.*  So I’m not opposed to trying new things with it.  My blond highlights were supposed to be pink, but I haven’t found a salon that carries pink nor do I trust myself with manic panic.
I’m not quite sure what I want, I just know that I need it to change somehow….

*Okay, yeah, for some of you it doesn’t…. sorry?
  • Jess

    Dude, I forgot how short your hair was after China! Wow! Okays, so I have a plan…whatever you do decide to do with your hair, you’d be welcome to come with me this British hair salon I’ve been recommended to:)

  • Yes, it was amazingly short.

    Does this British salon happen to be in the UK?? ‘Cause that would be awesome. Let’s go next weekend after I pick up my bar stools I found on craigslist.
    I do need to have it recolored, but might do that at the academy since it’s cheap… but I’d be up for a cut/style at this new place… Are you thinking of changing your length?!!? When did you want to go?

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