a little self appreciation (aka: happy administrative professionals' day to me)

Now, you may be thinking to your self… What the heck is Administrative Professionals’ Day?!  Honestly, I’d be saying the same thing if I wasn’t one…  I’m still used to its former name, Secretary’s Day.

According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals’ website (yes, there is such a thing), it’s the largest celebrated work day outside of birthdays and national holidays…  It’s the time when bosses and managers send a little thanks to all the people who’ve been supporting them and basically keeping offices from falling flat on their faces on a daily basis.  For all the “other duties as assigned” that we do to keep our work places running, we deserve a day. (Nay, a MONTH.  But then the offices would collapse and well, yeah, not good.)

I remember as a child going with my mom to pick out cards and flowers, occasionally gift cards as well as she got things for her secretaries.  Now, as an office manager (a job she’s had way longer than I care to remember), she even gets a card and some sort of gift card to a restaurant from the corporate office.  It always seemed like a nice thing to do.

This is my second APD at this office.  We’re celebrating the same way we did last year — by not recognizing it at all.  My first year in the office I was disappointed by my boss’s lack of appreciation on that day.  After all, he had been generally really good at stating his appreciation on every other day, so I was indeed hoping for a card or a plant or SOMETHING.  This year, well, I sort of knew better.  The only way he’d remember is if I put a bright pink post-it note dead center on his computer monitor.

So to all you under-appreciated administrative professionals out there — do something nice for yourself today.  Maybe take a few extra minutes at lunch… buy yourself a cupcake… If your boss complains, remind him what day it is…


Well, my boss surprised me this afternoon…  I stepped out to go to the bathroom, and there’s a card on my desk.
“Happy Administrative Professionals Day!” — Signed, my boss…