goodbye old friend… (hello pony!)

28 April 2009

Today I said goodbye to something near and dear to me (sadly) that has been with me since before I moved to the Second City… (no, not my sofa.)

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Yep.  That’s my debit card.  It wasn’t due to expire for another year yet.  But our time together has come to an end.

I had literally worn this card out.  It’s not the reason I was getting a new one, but I’m surprised stores still accepted it and that it even swiped well at all.  My signature had been completely worn off for some time now.  All the paint on the front of the card where my name was, and on the card number itself, those were all worn off back to the orignal blue plastic.  We had done so much together… so, so, so very much….

In fact, it’s because I’ve used my card so much that the lady at the bank advised I sign up for the debit card rewards program (which meant getting a new card, with new numbers that I’ll have to memorize…)  Basically if I use it as a credit card (ie. use my horrid signature rather than enter a pin) at certain places that I’m not actually sure of all the stipulations… I’ll get points or cash or a pony.  Some stores I won’t do this at.  It works out better for some smaller companies to ring it up as debit — they don’t have to pay a fee or charge or anything.  And so some business I’ll be glad to do that.  But given how much I use the thing, earning some sort of reward would be nice.  I’m holding out for the pony.  I heard dwarf ponies are all the rage these days.

  • They did the same thing to me… now I’m saving up rewards points for a dwarf pony or maybe a pygmy goat. Either would go well out here in the outskirts of cityland. Though we’re thinking of moving closer… but hey – dwarf/pygmy… small is fun right?

    I have heard that ponies are mean. Especially the little ones. (EXCELLENT!!!) They really would be all the rage, wouldn’t they. I would sic my dwarf pony on my neighbor. We call him “Peeping Tom” because he sits outside in the dark with no lights on. Hence the dark. I’d also use said pony to scare the kids away from that dead raccoon down the road. Just disgusting. Maybe I’d ride it to work.

  • I love how you tagged that post with ‘pony’, even though… well… saying that post was actually ABOUT ponies would be a bit of a stretch.

    But while we’re on the topic of ponies, and other 4-legged animals, a pet pygmy hippopotamus would be much cooler.

  • Oats — hmm… pygmy goats would be fun… especially if they’re the fainting kind. But well, goat poop = not so much fun. (Okay, so pony turds would be bad too…)
    I’d definitely ride a pony to work. Though, Lakeview to Evanston is a big stretch for little legs. Luckily, “pony” can actually mean any horse that’s under.. I think 14 hands?? maybe it’s 12.. I use to know my horse stuff better…

    Seb — Have you not seen my tagging method?? I’m more on a “if I mention something I tag it”… which maybe sort of tag-whorish… but it’s how I’ve done it for a while. And only the ones that get repeated a lot end up in the cloud. I don’t go crazy with categories though.
    And there’s a pygmy hippo at the LPZoo here (a free zoo!)… it’s awesome… but its poop definitely trumps pony and goat for amazingly not-awesomeness.

  • Oh. Also. So that chopped up card?? Yeah, it’s the one I purchased my 5th row Flight of the Conchords tickets on… the one I have to present to the box office to get my 5th row tickets… FIFTH ROW.
    Luckily I called and if I bring in the pieces with the new card I’ll be able to get my tickets.

  • Jess

    Ha! Hope you don’t have any problems getting in, chuckle.

    • If we don’t get in…. you will hear the loudest cry ever ringing forth from the center of the city (okay, just south of that).

  • Last show we went to we didn’t even need our card…. our name was just on a list – they just wanted photo ID. That was at the Metro though…. not sure how they run it elsewhere.

    • That’s how it’s been at a lot of shows I’ve gone to… This is at the Arie Crown Theater… so, I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

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