goodbye old friend… (hello pony!)

Today I said goodbye to something near and dear to me (sadly) that has been with me since before I moved to the Second City… (no, not my sofa.)

[singlepic id=37 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Yep.  That’s my debit card.  It wasn’t due to expire for another year yet.  But our time together has come to an end.

I had literally worn this card out.  It’s not the reason I was getting a new one, but I’m surprised stores still accepted it and that it even swiped well at all.  My signature had been completely worn off for some time now.  All the paint on the front of the card where my name was, and on the card number itself, those were all worn off back to the orignal blue plastic.  We had done so much together… so, so, so very much….

In fact, it’s because I’ve used my card so much that the lady at the bank advised I sign up for the debit card rewards program (which meant getting a new card, with new numbers that I’ll have to memorize…)  Basically if I use it as a credit card (ie. use my horrid signature rather than enter a pin) at certain places that I’m not actually sure of all the stipulations… I’ll get points or cash or a pony.  Some stores I won’t do this at.  It works out better for some smaller companies to ring it up as debit — they don’t have to pay a fee or charge or anything.  And so some business I’ll be glad to do that.  But given how much I use the thing, earning some sort of reward would be nice.  I’m holding out for the pony.  I heard dwarf ponies are all the rage these days.