Have you met the floor?

Ah.. Spring is here… Everything is this luscious shade of green, the birds are singing, flowers blooming, everything with a pulse is on a quest to shack up, and world around me begins spinning and tilting to the point where I begin spontaneously falling.  Along with my pollen allergies, I can always tell when spring has arrived by the increase of dizzy spells that I endure.

I suffer from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Verigo (BPPV).  Every spring and fall I must literally brace myself for the upcoming spinning sensation that will come along with it.  I developed this disorder in high school; I would attempt to get out of bed but literally couldn’t as I would fall over as soon as I was upright.  Luckily I would always land back in bed.  All it took was for my doctor to lay me down, sit me up and then turn my head to know what was the cause — apparently this is called the “Dix-Hallpike test”…  And before long, I was on a lovely pill called Meclizine.

The pill worked great for the dizziness.  However, it came with a beautiful set of side effects like a delayed reaction time (which resulted in me rear-ending a friends car) and also a strange habit of switching certain letters, mainly my Bs and Ms (that one stuck a little longer after I was off the pills)…  So, other than needing to let someone I trusted know I was on the medication things went fine.

I’ve gotten to the point where I mostly just trudge through it.  Being dizzy doesn’t really bother me too much.  You’re talking about a girl who’s favorite childhood phrase was “spin me!”  Heck, I still enjoy a good spin now and then.  But when the vertigo hits, I can find myself scrambling for a wall or any other stable surface other than the floor.  With BPPV being positional, it’s also nice that all I need to do in most cases is tilt my head different or turn it to a different direction.  Out of all of my medical quirks, it’s fairly mild, nonthreatening, and decently amusing.