weekend brevity

8 June 2009

I had a very entertaining weekend.  Which might be an understatement.  I met some awesome bloggers, drank a lot of alcohol, damn near passed out outside a restaurant, sobered up, went to a Lit Fest with the Virginian, bought more graphic novels, ran into two amazingly awesomely lovely people (Paul and Small Ronnie), and then finally crashed.

That’s the basics of it.  And yes, I’ll go into detail soon… Mainly about the whole experience with my first tweetup and meeting said awesome bloggers.  However, for now… I’ll leave you with this, it sort of sums things up in one way or another:

[singlepic id=57 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Myself and the lovely Rachel (for whom we were celebrating!)

  • Love the photo. So jealous of all these blogger meetups. Damn. I want in!

    • You should definitely come out some time!!

      I’ll try to keep you informed of when I head out east again… I think I could make a detour for some drinks… 😉


    • I had a blast meeting you (and everyone else) too!! Also, yet again: Happy Birthday!! 🙂

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