belated! concert update: My Gold Mask

I had the amazing pleasure of getting to see My Gold Mask yet again last week.  There’s been so much going on in my life lately, that well, the concert sort of slipped through…  Don’t get the idea that this concert wasn’t anything special or note worthy — it was awesome.  I love Gretta and Jack and wish I knew the words to describe their music and the amazingness that is My Gold Mask.  It’s just awesome.  (It’s probably a good thing I do write music reviews for a living…)

Anyway… Jack & Gretta had a surprise for us: a completely awesome cover of Betty Davis Eyes.  And to cover a song with just two musicians, and have that cover work and sound great — that takes talent.  Also, this song demonstrates why I love Gretta’s voice.  (More videos can be found on my youtube channel.)

Another new band that caught my attention that opened that night was the New Canyons. They’re unique and fun… and I’ve seriously never met another band that has used a bow on an electric guitar…. (something I didn’t video tape — a goal for the future maybe?)