taking a breather before we even start (the relationship update post)

So, as a good number of you have noticed, I more than hinted at being smitten with a new guy recently…  Mentioning some good conversations, a good meetup and all that…  And it was going well.  But, well, things are on hold now.

It’s sort of odd to take a break before anything has even begun, but that’s what’s happening.  … And you know, the pink fluffy brain goo and I are okay.  Yeah, well, sure… I’m bummed.  I do like the guy after all.

Basically — without getting into too many details about his situation — he’s got a crazy ex.  Everyone thinks they’ve got one, but no, he really does.  The girl broke into his apartment and waited for him.  She threatened to keep doing it.  Needless to say it’s causing issues.  So while he tries to take care of this problem, and smooth things out with his roommate & friends, whatever was happening between us has been put on hold.

Now, obviously, I won’t be waiting around forever.  But I do want to support him in any way possible and be there for him in the ways he needs me — as a friend.  And honestly, to me, I want my boyfriend to be one of my best friends… you know, the best friend you get to make out with.  So slowing things down right now doesn’t really feel like that big of a deal — I’m still going to get to hang out with him, still going to learn about him.  During that time, things might still keep developing.  If a relationship doesn’t happen — well, yeah, it’d kinda suck ’cause he’s all awesome and hot and all that — but well, hopefully the friendship will last.

Anyway… from the boy: “I’m happy to hear you’d still like to hang out, I was worried you’d be upset about it — and since there isn’t much I can do about it all right now*, that would have sucked”

If I could do anything about it… girl would get slapped with a restraining order… and my fist.**

*as in, there’s not much he can do about this situation happening
**yeah, I sort of get very protective about my friends and family… maybe not momma bear-style (*ahem*@mominreallife), but maybe more badger-style or something…