BlogHer? I'm not sure if I'm convinced…

This past weekend, as I’ve mentioned, I participated in BlogHer09.  Though I was only attending through LobbyCon — a cheaper pass that basically only allowed me into the expo hall and parties — I was excited about attending this event!

The 20sb meet up was amazing, and I assumed BlogHer would be at least just as awesome.  What made BlogHer so awesome for me? My 20sb friends who were also there.  Yes, I met new people.  But overall, I left feeling uneasy about BlogHer as an organization.

When people think about BlogHer or their conferences, they think MommyBloggers — and now I know why.  BlogHer seems to have a preference towards the mommies.  (Now, I’m going to note: there is a MAJOR difference between a mom who happens to blog and a MommyBlogger.)  I realize that yes, the mommies are a very large presence in the BlogHer community.  But maybe that’s because BlogHer is catering to them… Maybe.  Did I feel that there was really much for me as a 20-something?  No.

I don’t know how many times I was asked if I had children by various sponsors in the expo hall.  I mean, you have to expect it, but after the 5th time it became annoying.  BlogHer does not equal MommyBlogger.  But after the conference this past weekend, I could make that confusion too — which is a total shame.  I think people don’t realize how much of a huge demographic the 20-somethings are in the blogging community.  20sb alone has over 7,000 members.  We are a large voice on the internet.  We are an influential group.  I wish BlogHer would see that.

Am I going to go to BlogHer10 in New York?  Right now I’m saying no.  The only thing that would get me to go would be my friends.  I have no interest in being surrounded by MommyBloggers*.  I don’t want to deal with babies at cocktail parties — or the drama when they’re turned away (even other moms don’t want this either).  I don’t want to enter to win a car seat.  (I also don’t want to listen to keynotes that don’t have any representation for the 20-something women, or are all about getting blog sponsorships or how to make the text on my blog bold….)

I would love to have a dialogue with BlogHer about being more inclusive for people other than the Mommies.  As of now, I don’t feel that I have a voice in that community.

I’m a female, I blog, and I’m not a mommy.  I still matter.

*I realize there are MommyBlogger who are really cool people.  But as a mob, I’m not that fond of them.

I also want to say that I didn’t hate BlogHer09.  I did have fun.  But I still feel like they were catering primarily to the Mommies.