i'm not dead…

4 August 2009

… I’m just in Indiana…

I’ve been here visiting family, and a friend… it’s been good.  However.  I miss Chicago.  I miss the kittens.  I miss walking places.  I even miss getting my ass handed to me by Rachel in Mario Kart — though, I’ve heard rumors that Jenn‘s someone to watch out for…

Lovely‘s been wonderful AMAZING and watching the kitties for me…  And I can’t wait to get home and go on a cupcake date with her!!

Anyway.  I do have things to do here… like take a trumpet in for a mouthpiece pull… but yeah. Updates. You’ll get them. Family stuffs of the best kind.  And I’ll get the next installment of the boy drama… But yeah. I miss Chicago and my lovely friends who inhabit it.

  • Chicago misses you, too. Seriously.

  • Chicago misses you too

  • No. You don’t have to watch out for me. It was beginner’s luck or something. Damnit.

    • Jenn – Still… that’s once more than me!

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