20SB vlog day!

17 August 2009

Okay.  So the 20SB vlog day is almost over. Almost.

This should really be posted on Fledgling Adult, but since that’s not ready yet… it’s going here.

Anyway.  Here goes…

This was created using FlipStudio on my DSi.
+500 awesome points to me.

  • i love how the little stick person you looks so much like you that i’d recognize it even if it hadn’t been posted on your own blog 🙂

    very cool.

  • ::Eeee!:: I loved this! I MISS YOU. Eat a cupcake for me?

    • Courtney – Thanks! I’ve been practicing that stick figure for over a year now… but for this added the pink highlights! 🙂 I used to have a comic blog, Fledgling Adult … which has it’s own domain now, but I’m not quite ready to start it up just yet.

      Lovely – I MISS YOU TOO! And of course I’ll eat a cupcake for you… does this mean I need to get 4 since we usually get 2 each? 😉

  • I love it! What a great animation.

    • Thanks!! (mostly, I just REALLY didn’t want to me on camera yesterday)

  • Bonus points for using the DSi! But negative points for not showing your face OR using your voice.

    Cute tho’.

    • there’s a few videos online where you can find those… 😉

      no actual vlogging for me… at least just yet…

  • Aw. I really like this. Great work!!

  • I just now got to see this and love it. Good work darlin’.

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