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19 August 2009

So, in my lack of employment, I tend to find myself thinking about jobs and careers — oddly enough.

What sort of job do I want? Am I willing to do, just to pay the bills?  Do I want a job that could lead to a career, or just something for now?  Do I only want to focus on a career?

Honestly, I don’t know.  I think goal number one is just to get my bills covered.  Make sure I still have an apartment, I still have food, and well, preferably that I can do some fun things too.

But, if I could have a say in it, and just jump into any job I want… here are a few things I wouldn’t mind doing right now:

  • Writer – well, this one’s a bit obvious.  But yeah, if I had something right now… I’d totally be sending out a book proposal.  Or getting paid to write a novel or short fiction. (Yeah, you don’t get paid for fiction until after it’s done. After.)  Or just the whole getting paid to write.  That would be lovely.
  • Event Planner – dude.  Planning parties and benefits and concerts for people?  Count me in!  I’d love this!  The networking, the calling to make arrangements, everything leading up to the event and then running the event to make sure everything goes amazing… I want that!
  • Cafe/Diner owner/co-owner – I love cooking.  I love creating recipes.  Having a nice little restaurant where people could gather with friends, couples could have awkward first dates, families could create more memories…. all with free wi-fi.  I’d want it to be mostly comfort foods.  But if you know my comfort foods, well, yeah…  Oh.  And good wines and hard ciders.  (But not in the first year ’cause liquor licenses in Chicago kinda suck.)
  • Inn Keeper – More like a hostel.  I’d want one that targets musicians and artists traveling through Chicago.  Maybe even have a artist in residency program that offers short term housing at a great cost!  I’d have quiet rooms and studios and a great welcome room with my mom’s upright piano.  Also, this fits in with the restaurant dream — I’d get to feed people at least once a day.
  • Educator – this inkling to teach has been resurfacing lately… I know I’m not ready to do something in a school system, but to do so at a place like Shedd Aquarium…  To take one of my passions — wildlife and conservation — and then to share that with others, especially impressionable children?  When do I start?
  • ThinkGeek/Lego/Apple/Nintendo/GameStop employee – need I say more?

There are more… but I’m going to leave it at those top ones.
But I’m curious… what are some of your “I wouldn’t mind…” jobs/careers?

  • I’m also unemployed and getting to the point where its like okay should I get a pay the bills gig? Or should I take the dive into entrepreneurship? Ive got a million ideas for companies but executing them is kinda scary :S

    • Yeah, if I could get over the fear, I think I’d be willing to start something up.
      I think having a restaurant would be amazing! But I know that running it and going to grad school won’t really be an option.

      I wish the lego store was hiring. It’d make things easier. 🙂

  • Inn Keeper is like my dream job. A little inn in Vermont? I would be so happy.

  • susie inverso

    dream job: fill my days and nights with practicing, rehearsals, shows, teaching, photo shoots, photoshop, and visual design.

    I’m preparing to quit my job and sell my condo within the next year or so and actually do this. I have no spouse, I have no kids, all I need is food in my and my cat’s mouths and a roof over our heads.

    easy, right?

    • That’s awesome Susie!! Living the creative life is such an amazing dream.

      I think it’s one of the reasons I want to have the Inn/Hostel… because really I think it’d turn into drastically reduced artist housing. Short term housing though… There would need to be a way to cycle through artists, but not kick someone out before they’re ready. If I could find a way of doing this, without violating some sort of equal housing code or whatever, I think I’d start the plans today. I think I need to look into co-ops.
      Not to mention… being surrounded by artists and musicians would be AMAZING. 🙂

  • I think it would be cool to make jewelry, like custom rings and stuff. I like working with molds and metals…

    • we had a jewelry making course at my college… I always wanted to take it… Never could fit it into my schedule though… that and sculpture.

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