big choices….

I’m still sick.  … I’m not happy about it.  … I’m about five coughs away from calling up my old Chinese roommate and asking her for some dynasty approved cure… Seriously. I’m done with this.


I’ve had a lot to think about lately — more so than my despise for this virus running a muck through my respiratory system.  I feel like I’m in, or entering a transition phase of life again.  That I’ve got big choices for big changes.

Do I start my career as a professional writer, but have to leave Chicago? Or do I stay and start grad school, possibly forgoing an income for loans?  Or do I fail at accomplishing either of those and end up moving back to Indiana?

Wait, backup.  You read that right.. I applied for a writing job not in Chicago.  Wasn’t I just going on and on about not wanting to move away from Chicago?  Well. Yeah.  I still love this city.  I still have crushes I’m not ready to give up on yet.  I’ve got my band, my friends, my bus routes, my cupcakes… this is my city.  But when a dear friend of mine told me about this writing job she thought I’d love… I had to look into it.

Learning more about the company, well, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work for them.  So I applied.  All of my parents are supporting me in this, as is my brother — who’s going to help me find a car that can handle driving in snow, because I cannot handle driving in snow.  I’m sure the kittens will be okay with the move too because I’ll finally be able to pull their kitty tower out of storage.

I really want this job.  Really want.  However, this will be pushing my grad school dreams back.  Can I be okay with that?  You’d think I was completely batty, but I cannot wait to get back into a classroom.  I can’t wait to take lit classes and be required to write, write, write until my hand falls off.  I want to pursue writing, publishing, and literature academically.  … but this is a writing job (in a great company no less).  And that’s pretty awesome.

You know me.  You know my outlook.  Things will work out.  But if you could cross your fingers, pray, keep me in your thoughts for getting this job… that’d be super.  Seriously.  How often am I this freaking excited to leave the city I love for a place that snows, a lot, and I’d need a car and have to drive through said snow…