beauty is…

31 August 2009

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beauty is…

  • laughing with friends
  • eating chicken wings (and turkey legs) without caring
  • playing with your hair
  • lounging in sweatpants
  • dancing in your underwear
  • sharing cupcakes
  • quick smiles
  • taking silly/awkward pictures of yourself

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There are women out there who feel that they need certain clothes or to wear make up to be pretty.  Yes, I do wear make up (less now) and I do like to dress nicely (again, less more so — which has more to do with laundry)… but I still feel just as damn awesome and damn cute in my jeans and Meatitarian tshirt.  It just gets frustrating some times when I keep hearing and keep reading posts and tweets from women who don’t feel pretty without getting all dolled up…  It reinforces that ideal…

You know what I say to that, F that.  Be beautiful, just the way you are.  Who cares if you don’t have make up on or if you’re just in jeans & tshirt!  Rock it.

Right now, I do feel beautiful.  My hair’s pulled up — a sign that I’m bored with it — and it needs to be recolored.  I’m still in my pajamas — actually, more than my pajamas seeing as I put on sweatpants and a sweater…  I didn’t shower today, and lord knows I haven’t put on make up for over a week.  Still beautiful.  Awkward pictures and all.

So, now, you… Beauty is…

  • Beauty is opening one’s eyes and seeing the world how it truly is and not how one would imagine it should be. Beauty is both pretty and ugly. Beauty is loving life to the fullest. Beauty is not being afraid but to take chances. Beauty is beyond what you want but everything that you can be. Beauty has no limits. Beauty surrounds each one of us and includes us. We are beautiful.

  • I *love love love* this post. I’m the girl who can’t leave the house feeling like herself without eyeliner and a shower (reverse order though, ha). So thank you for writing this. We all need that boost on occasion.

    • aww.. thanks MinD!

      We all need this reminder sometime…

      I’m the girl who’s gone out in rain boots and sweat pants (the very piano ones in the picture — in fact, that outfit, plus a bra and rain boots)… oh, and the bright pink umbrella. yep.

  • Eh, I’ll take sweatpants and a T-shirt over a dress on a ladeh any day. I rarely dress up or look classy, so I don’t like to hold girls to any standard I don’t hold myself to.

    • That, my friend, is very awesome.

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