I should be stressed.

8 September 2009

It recently came to my attention (by myself) that I should be stressed.  Or more stressed than I am.  I mean, I have my days… but overall, I almost feel like a hippie with all this carefree-ness floating around.

  • I’ve been unemployed for about a month and half now
  • I didn’t get the writing job in Madison, let alone an interview
  • I’m practically a hermit
  • Credit card debt? Yeah, um, hi.
  • How many times can I get rejected by guys each month?
  • I’m on a month-to-month lease
  • If I pay my cell phone bill, I don’t know if I can buy food
  • I can’t afford rent next month
  • I can’t afford the medications I was previously taking
  • I have no idea what’s happening with grad school — as in, if I’m going to apply or if I’ll be able to finish a portfolio in time
  • Oh, and yeah, if I do apply to grad school where’s that money going to come from?
  • Someone I know in real life has threatened legal action against me (they have no case though)… and there might be awkward, if not potentially frustrating and miserable times ahead (depending on this other person’s actions)

Those are just the things off the top of my head.  I have no idea what’s going on with me or many of those things listed above.  Sometimes I wonder why I’m not stressed — me, the Queen of Stress, who’s been hospitalized with acute, temporary paralysis thanks to stress… How am I calm?  I feel like I should be freaked out.  (And yes, I know, why am I complaining? Shouldn’t this be a good thing?)

Well, for one… My mom’s talked about loaning some money so I can stay in Chicago another month.  And also, something about my cell bill and helping make sure that the kittens and I have food.  I’ve got a freelance web design job lined up for next month too… It won’t be much, but it’s something.  And I am still applying to jobs.  (I’m awesome, someone will hire me.)  And, um, yeah, flirting still.  I sort of have a little bit of a crush on someone… and I honestly don’t care if it develops into anything.  Truly.  It’s just been fun talking to someone and giggling.  (I’m awesome, someone will date me.)

I may not know what’s going to happen, or how things are going to be taken care of… I don’t even know how long I’ll stay in Chicago.  Things will work out though.  Somehow.  Right?

  • hi! 🙂 so we have some mutual twitter friends, which is how i found you. what sort of job are you looking for? we have openings here from time to time, in a bunch of different areas – if you’re interested i can send you a list of job descriptions when we have openings. let me know! and good luck! – rachel

    • Hi Rachel!

      I’m looking for everything from writing and editing, publishing, event management/planning to office work and administrative support. I’ve got sort of this vast background. I’ve love to see some job descriptions to see if I could be a good match! Feel free to email them to me at: erini@erinichristine.com .. Thanks!! 🙂

  • 1. I was unemployed for, like, two months. Powerful sucks.
    2. I got interviews from companies that never bothered to call me back to say I didn’t get the job. Frustrating.
    3. Me too.
    4. Hey, I was only $40 over my limit this month!
    5. Welcome to my world (well, for womens…though I’m sure most guys would reject me as well)
    6. I live in a basement surrounded by kids’ toys.
    7. I’ll buy you cupcakes.
    8. I hear you can get $20 for selling plasma.
    9. You can have some of Rachel’s. Her house is full of drugs.
    10. Doooooooooooooo it! Doooooooooo it! Dooooooooooooo it!
    11. Be like me and just bury yourself in loans. DePaul will saddle me with an additional $18,000 on top of the $32,000 I already owe North Central. I’ll cross that whole “paying off loans” bridge when I come to it.
    12. Someone you know (or are about to know) IRL will bust his head.
    13. “I sort of have a little bit of a crush on someone” – Hey, I have a name!

    • I literally fell over giggling. 🙂

      And I live in a basement (garden apartment) practically surrounded by kids’ toys. (What? I like play-doh.)
      Wait… what’s number 10 referring to? What am I doing? 😉

      I was trying to be all sneaky and mysterious! But since you already broadcast it: I sort of have a little bit of a crush on Frank.

  • That whole legal action thing kinda makes me laugh. Why you ask? I’ll leave a brief definition:


    * Main Entry: de·for·ma·tion
    * Pronunciation: \ˌdē-ˌfȯr-ˈmā-shən, ˌde-fər-\
    * Function: noun
    * Date: 15th century

    1 : alteration of form or shape; also : the product of such alteration
    2 : the action of deforming : the state of being deformed
    3 : change for the worse

    So after reading that comment about deformation of character, I had to laugh. They can use a dictionary to define racism, but failed on the difference between deformation – the morphing of someone into say a Ninja Turtle – and defamation.

    Oh Campbell, you aren’t pulling out the ignorant card again are you?
    Why yes, Tipton, I am.


    • The thing that got me, and others, was that I never identified the person. They identified themselves… and then I removed their name from their comment.

      I don’t always get people.

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