yes, my mom's on facebook.

15 September 2009

My mom joined facebook earlier this year…  I didn’t really understand why she did, but whatever… (Apparently some of her church friends are on it.)

Mostly, there hasn’t been issues.  It’s just another place for my mom and I to express our combined dorkiness.  Yes, I do sort of have to watch my status updates a little — I mean, I tend to forget that not only does my mom see theses, but my brother, an uncle, and a handful of cousins…  Mom’s not too fond of the “no pants” updates…

Anyway… A lot of times, it’s just mom and I making fun of each other:

[singlepic id=102 w=475 h=280 float=center]

(Yeah, thanks mom.)

But um… today… I found this:

[singlepic id=101 w=475 h=280 float=center]

There’s only one reaction appropriate for this: EWWW!! EWEWEW! GROSS!

I’m happy my mom’s dating again — and a dude with a motorcycle (a former music professor of hers and “famous” local trumpet player)… but yeah, um, ew.

  • susie

    i think this is your cue that you no longer need to watch your status updates.

  • Perhaps she should have put the warning for you before the statement. Just a thought.

    I’d FREAK OUT if my mom was on Fbook. Have you ever looked at some of my pictures? Not my finest moments, I assure you.

    • Susie – True. Let the “no pants”-ness begin! 🙂

      MinD – I actually haven’t stalked your photos yet…. but now that you mention it…. 😉

  • Niiice! A bunch of our moms joined at the same time and we sat them down and issued a “no judgment decree”. Regrettably, they made us promise the same.

    At least it wasn’t Harley Olympics…

    • I’ve heard of people doing that… My mom’s actually pretty cool about most things… I tell her quite a bit, and well, I also have drunk dialed her in the past (even underage once)…

      I’m pretty sure she has absolutely no interest in my blog though. Which is sort of nice. I do post them on my facebook, but I’m sure my mom just ignores them.

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