missing: (or: a hot pink mess)

22 September 2009

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My Kelly 6 1/2 AL small shank hot pink mouthpiece is missing.

Earlier this month when my band was playing at the Hideout, I noticed it wasn’t in my gig bag.  Luckily, Kelly had supplied me with a glow-in-the-dark mouthpiece of the same size.  (Though now I’m looking at getting a 12C.)  However, I had to get my rockstar on without my trusty, and favored, pink mouthpiece.

That was September 3rd.  It’s still missing.  The last time I saw it was at practice on September 1st.

I miss it.  It should come home.  Soon.  It’s just not the same without it.

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  • I hope you hang some of those signs outside… and people bring you their hot-pink toilet plungers…

    Hope ya find it soon!

    • Thanks Sebby, well, um, not for that toilet plunger part… but yeah… I thought about putting a sign up in the studio….

  • Worse comes to worst, would it be too difficult to get a new one?

    • I can always buy a new one… but the problem is the whole, I seriously don’t have the money to just buy another mouthpiece. Even if that was the only mouthpiece I owned, I’d probably just have to find one to borrow for a while rather than buy a new one…

  • For a brief while, I thought you were talking about a mouth retainer. Oops!

    • haha! nope! a little different. 🙂

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