28 September 2009

“maybe we should wait… slow things down and just be friends….”

“I just need some time.”

Well, that’s the update on what’s been going on.

(I’m sorry.)

  • prin


    Can’t really fault the boy for being honest about his mess… You both deserve a relationship without any shadows looming, you know? Sometimes it takes time…

    • Thanks Prin. I don’t fault him at all. … I suggested that we hold off for a while… And as much as I want to be with him, I also want him to do what’s best for himself and just take care of himself. He’s an amazing guy, and I care about him a lot…. This is the right thing.

  • Can I be honest here?

    I know what it’s like to be in both of your positions. At first I was the love-stricken girl in a relationship with a man who had just been divorced a few months prior to us meeting. I was told to wait and got a lot of “I don’t knows.” I won’t go into too much detail here. It didn’t work. Two years later I found myself in his shoes. I wasn’t divorced, but our two year relationship had just ended and I was faced with entering another. Suddenly I was the one saying “wait” and “I don’t know.” It’s incredibly frustrating to be on either end.

    I think it’s good that both you and him can be open about where things are and where they’re going. But sometimes things like this can be taken as a passive-aggressive note rather than a “I support you” message. Just be careful. Don’t get yourself too wrapped up in something that has no certainty. You’re both picking up the pieces that the one before you has left. I’ve been there.

    (I so hope this didn’t come off as bitchy.)

    • Nope, doesn’t come off as bitchy.

      I didn’t know if I wanted to post anything about it here, but I also knew some people would ask what was going on. So I just took two statements (one from each of us).

  • =( Right thing, perhaps, but doesn’t make it any less sad, I’m sure. Sometimes time though is the best thing. Move slowly, take it easy, form a solid friendship first. Diving straight in head first works at times, but can cause some major pain when things don’t work out.

    • Indeed. And he’s great, so losing that friendship would suck even more than not dating.

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