small regrets.

18 October 2009

I try not to let myself have too many regrets.  If I have control over a situation, then I need to take ownership of my actions and my choices.

Now, I’m not going to make this a deep post, and I’ll probably steal that intro and actually do a post on the subject…. but nonetheless, I do have one regret from this weekend:

I regret not taking pictures of my family and I at the apple orchard.

I had a lot of fun with them, ate a couple apples, skipped over puddles, and giggled with my niece… but I do wish I have photos of that day.

It’s hard choosing between just enjoying the moment and being in the moment, as opposed to enjoying the memory and being behind the lens.  I feel like I lose a lot when I focus on taking pictures.  But at the same time, I value a lot of my pictures that I have.

I was only at my dad’s for basically a day, but in that day I could have gotten photos of the orchard — “test” apples, my brother climbing trees, my dad and stepmom holding hands in the parking lot… playing Wii with my siblings, my niece playing the DS Lite that I gave my brother… my niece when she just about passed out on my brother (who was passed out in the chair)…

There are other memories I wish I had photos of… but I’m okay with my faulty camera in my mind…

  • susie inverso

    ah yes, the mental camera. i, too, only have mental photos of my first performance with mucca pazza. i didn’t even bring my phone, and there were a few times where i could have used the voice recorder as well as the camera. a regret it might be, but one that we can learn from and move past. dwell on the fun you had, instead, as this will firm up the memories in your mind and make them last a little longer. Hopefully.

    • Well, the next concert you play with them, I’ll try to make it out and I’ll bring my camera and my flip camcorder. 🙂

  • Sometimes it’s hard to balance living the moment or trying to capture the moment.

  • I completely understand where you’re coming from – except I’m often too busy snapping away to enjoy everything as fully as possible. I guess it is a fine line, trying to balance the two. I’m still trying to make it work though because sadly, my memory is not enough to rely on.

    • It’s definitely a fine line. I think what I need is to have more friends who are the photographing type… because I do like have my picture taken… 😉

      But there’s some of those intimate moments that I’m hoping I don’t lose my mental pictures…

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