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21 October 2009

Okay, lets face it… Guys, you need some help.  Heed this advice, please!

  1. We like it when you call/text/email… communication, it’s pretty awesome.
  2. If you’re “not seriously seeing anyone right now”, then it’s probably good to tell the people you aren’t seriously seeing.  Don’t want to give them the wrong impression, and hey some of them will probably be perfectly cool with it.
  3. There are indeed women out there who are okay with being physical without commitment.  Just sayin’.
  4. If you are dating someone, STOP TALKING ABOUT OTHER GIRLS’ BOOBS. (That should be a no-brainer, but seriously.)
  5. If a girl puts up a status saying she’d like a back rub/massage, it means she’d like a cute boy to come over, give her a massage, and probably make out for a bit.
  6. In fact, a lot of statuses also roughly translate to: let’s make out.
  7. Deciding to be a manwhore as a defense mechanism because some girl broke your heart is not okay.  It makes you look an insecure douchebag.
  8. Remember: Nerdy girls are awesome.
  9. newWear a freaking condom. Keep at least one if not five on you at all times.  If you think you can’t feel it as much, then test out a whole bunch of types of condoms until you find the one you like.  Need help keeping it up? Try wearing them tighter.  (Seriously, click that link and head over to Jennifer’s blog.  Big thanks to her for inspiring this tip.)

Okay.  I might have more later, but this is a good start.  Do you have ones to add?  Also, if a guy would like to write up a few tips for us ladies, share the link.

There are definitely some guys out there who are doing things right.  We applaud you.

  • this is a tip for both sexes. stop looking for us to fix you. We’re people with our own things to deal with too, And stop looking at dating as some win or lose game. It’s not. It’s two awesome people saying “hey, We kick ass, and you know, even though our tie is finite on this planet and we could die at any moment, I’d like to share some of my time with you.” If it doesn’t work out, oh well, you’re still a kick ass person. You lose nothing but ignorance of all the possibilities that people can have, and if you just so happen to meet someone who sucks, well, hey! awesome! You’ve just filtered them out of the pool and you’ve just given yourself that much better chance of meeting the kick ass people in the world.

    ok. I think I’m done for now as well.

    Oh, and for ladies: if you can’t think of anything to talk about, here are some pretty fail-safe ones : dinosaurs, flame-throwers, exploding things, bacon, your favorite bonfire, other fire-related things (such as hoolahoops of fire), zombie survival plans, and how to fight a bear and win.

    • Thanks Kifer!
      You’re dead on with the we’re both two awesome people wanting to spend some time with each other.

      And thanks for the conversation tips! I think we have a habit of talking about ourselves almost too much — I mean, it’s not a bad thing, but sometimes too much can definitely make us seem self-centered. Good thing I love dinosaurs, bacon, things that go BOOM!, and I’m pretty sure I could go on about Zombie survival. Oh, and with my wildlife knowledge, we can talk about fighting bears, orcas, a pack of wolves…. yeah…

  • Amen to #4!!!

  • HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! #4 is totally directed at me

    • Yes, yes it is.

      Like I said… HEED MY ADVICE. 😉

  • My favorite is #7, no doubt. I don’t know what guy sparked this, but I’m certainly glad you wrote this blog. So on the money, haha.

    • haha. oh, that’s another blogger. I’ll tell ya after I get home from work.

  • Amen to #8. And same goes for nerdy boys.

    • you know… nerdy/geeky boys got their dating show… where’s the one where us nerdy girls get the men?? huh? VH1 I WANT MY SHOW!!!

  • I love #1–when I think about the relationships I lost out on by being too distant…it’s sad. 🙁
    How about #10 Sometimes doing/saying nothing about your own experiences or how to fix things is the best thing to do? It’s odd how less is often more.

    • There are definitely people out there who want someone to fix. Who think by their own awesomeness they can somehow solve other people’s problems and make them a better person… While I hope that some of my awesomeness inspires them to be awesome too — I want the person I’m with to inspire me too. My life battles aren’t their life battles, no matter how similar they seem.

      And as for #1… I’m definitely one who appreciates someone who initiates contact. It shows they’re interested. It makes me excited. I get giddy. … um, yes. I like it. 🙂

  • How about #10 Don’t be a jackass! That should be an understood rule, but sometimes it’s not.

  • Haha, nice.

    [note – don’t try to pimp your blog on mine. I’ll leave your comment, but delete your links. -Erini CS]

  • I’m with MinD – LOVE #7. Completely on the money.

  • This condom business has gotten some good guy feedback lately… must keep this discussion going!

    • You started a great post there! and I love reading all the responses! 🙂

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