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6 November 2009

Do you ever feel like one of your friends, maybe even someone you dated for a while, is avoiding you… ignoring you for no reason… just disappeared without a word…

Yeah.  I’ve been dealing with that.

I may grow attached to people very quickly, form strong bonds faster than most, but those connections are damn important to me.  They may be rapid, but they run deep.  And when someone who I feel one of those great friendships and connections with just up and leaves… well, it hurts.  A lot.

I had it happen this summer, with the swell guy.  But he’s recently appologized, admitted that he pulled a dick move, and does feel sorry.  So we’re talking again.  And I’m glad to have that friend back.

But I’m still dealing with it now.  And I’m starting to think that take steps away from them might be beneficial.  If they don’t want to talk to me, acknowledge me… then maybe it’s best if I do the same.  Not out of spite, but for the sake of my heart.

What do you do when you feel like you’re losing a friend?  Do you let it slide, or do you fight?

I brought up the issue once.  But I guess… I don’t know.

One thing’s for sure… I am damn grateful for the friends who are active in my life, whether they’re in Chicago, Indy, Boston, LA, moving to Miami, grad school….

  • Screw distance! Screw it in the a-hole!

    I mean… what’s up?

    • Indeed. Screw distance. This is totally not about you btw. You’re definitely a part of my little blogging family.

      I’m gonna see if maybe my dad will sell me some of his frequent flier miles…

  • My best advice is drop dead weight. Ok, that’s harsh, but if you think about it, it makes the process efficient.

    Friendship is a two-way street, and if there’s effort on one side and none on the other, then either the other side needs to step it up or, as indicated above, the one side can dial it back a little. It’s all about balance, you know.

    • It’s what I’m starting to think.

      It’s hard though. I still do care about this person a lot. I wish they would apologize and act like my friend again. But I don’t know if they will…

  • I’ve been in that boat before, and one time that sticks out to me is with a best friend. I moved away and it was as if she turned off because I left town. And I tried to keep the friendship afloat, but it wasn’t working, so I gave up. Eventually, several months later, she texted me out of nowhere saying she missed me. ::Shrugs:: Haven’t talked since though, so again, I give up…

  • …I guess what I was trying to say with that is the effort can’t be one-sided. If it is, then it’s seriously not worth it.

  • Jeff

    Oh I feel that plenty of people purposely ignore me, until they need me at 2 am. About bonding with people quickly. For my luck, after 10 days the other person disappears. I tend to get the female stereotype of the relationship 🙂

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