the bikini post that never happened…

9 November 2009

Every once in a while, I think about things I want to write about and create a draft post to save for later.  The idea is that I’ll finish it up and actually post it.

That hasn’t happened in a while.  Mostly because I keep thinking of timely posts… one in particular, it would be rather silly to post now…

Well, despite the fact that it’s been damn near 70 this weekend, writing about how I’m sad to see summer fade away into the rain days of fall… well, I’m a bit more than late on that.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fall.  I went to college in what was affectionately, and deservingly, known as the Maple City… Fall was beautiful there.

But there’s one particular thing about summer I was (am still sad) about in terms of summer ending.  I never got to wear my new bikini.

My plan was to write about my despair in purchasing a new bikini (well, one and half, one new bottom and two tops) and never getting to wear them (outside of trying them on at home).  This post, which missed it’s time frame, was to include one piece of photographic evidence of this new bikini that I loved so much.  The bikini that still lives in its store bag.

I never got to wear my new bikini.  I never got to blog about missing summer.  You never got the gratuitous bikini photo.

Maybe next year?

  • Whenever we want to do something, we must put our one foot forward. Regrets are nasty recollections bugging our minds. 🙂

  • Jeff

    I write plenty of blogs that I never post. I get done, then I delete them. None of them involve swimsuits, Instead they involve adventures that I get into that involve other people’s beezwax.

    You can always wear the bikini in the bathtub to test it.

    7 years ago a friend of mine bought me a men’s bikini that looks like a disco ball. I have yet to wear it. Its still in the gift box.

    • I have no bathtub.

      which given that I have the next two days off, makes me sad.

      ….. and you need to at least try it on…. at least….

  • Jeff

    No bathtub? What does your ducky swim in? Well your diplotocus I mean.

    I’ll try it on next chance I get. Then I’ll turn off the light and shine a flashlight at myself and look at all the spots on the wall that it makes.


      and no, no bathtub. I don’t have a bedroom door either.

  • Jeff

    Wait… you don’t? Do you pee in your sink? You don’t live in a prison cell with a girl named Large Marge right? Or are you on safari and swim in waterfalls?

    • I have a toilet. and a shower. just no tub. which is sad. very very very sad.

      But there is that waterfall in the laundry room…

  • Jeff

    Strobe light.

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