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11 November 2009

November is starting out pretty well. I’ve been very fortunate to get a few freelance web design jobs. I haven’t started designing any of them, but have been working out the details and making agreements.

Two of them are wedding websites. One of those is a gift from me to the couple. (Yay! Libby & Zach are getting married!!) I designed my dad’s and stepmom’s wedding website last summer, and got a decent amount of compliments on it. My dad’s been wanting to push me into freelance web design since. I like the idea of doing wedding sites because I like doing websites that are clean and not overly complicated, but with so many of those websites-in-a-box sites popping up the wedding site market isn’t the easiest. Plus, surprisingly, I don’t know all that many people getting married right now.

The other site I’m doing is for a musician, a jazz trumpeter. He’s played with Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra Jr., the Temptations, Tony Bennett, and a list of others. He’s playing at the Paramount tomorrow. I’m very excited about doing this site. I get to incorporate audio and video, create photo galleries… It’s going to be a fair bit of code and well, I’m a huge nerd and I love me some HTML, CSS, and looking forward to working on some different scripts.

I don’t know if web design will ever be a full-time gig for me. I love it, but I also don’t want to burn out either. It happened with film. But I would love to do sites part-time, not only to supplement my income, but because I really enjoy it. Getting lost in writing websites and troubleshooting the linguistics of it — nerdgasm right there.

yes, this is also on Pink Dinosaurs… I realized it was more than I had intended for tumblr, hence the cross-posting.
  • Meaghan

    Go for it Erini! Don’t be overly worried about burning out. You have talent in the design world – so use it!

    • Thanks MJJB! 🙂 For now I’m going to stay at the Toy Store, but hopefully these additions to my portfolio will help a lot in my design career.

  • Congrats on the freelance work!! Even if it’s not what you want to do in the long-term, the extra cushion won’t hurt!

  • Shit. I think you dinosaur-themed blog header is better than my dinosaur-themed blog header.

    Nerdiest. Sentence. Ever.

    • Thanks Leah! I wish I sort of knew what I wanted for the long term. There’s a lot that I’d be perfectly happy with, so it’s hard to know which path to choose. But I guess as long as I’m enjoying the journey that’s all that really matters!

      Brian – Thanks! I love my pink dinosaurs. They’ve with me since the beginning of Wench.

  • Always better to have a lot on your plate than nothing at all, right? So big yay for freelance work.

    • Indeed.

      I tend to do this a lot. In college, I’d have a full course load, plus about 3 campus jobs plus my radio shift and working on the newspaper… There was that one semester I took more credits that we were allowed (aka, I had to pay extra per credit)…

      I like keeping busy. But I always have time for a social life. Not sure how that always works out, but I’m glad it does. 🙂

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