kinda sorta dating. casually, of course.

18 November 2009

So, I’m sort of seeing a couple guys right now.
I think.

Honestly, at this very moment, I’m not sure what’s going on.
(Part of that could be the fact that it’s midnight, I’ve been gone/busy for the last 13 hours and the lack of food… oh, yeah, and I’m blogging from bed because I really should be asleep right now.)

So, there’s a couple guys I’m seeing.  And they make me very happy.  I mean, very happy.  There also very different guys too.  But neither seems to be looking for a relationship and well, they’ve told me that they’re also seeing other people (one said not very seriously and the other didn’t specify).  And by a couple, I should say two — but I’m talking to a few other guys… and maybe I’m still seeing one other… I don’t know.

ANYWAY.  They guys that I think I’m seeing make me very happy.  Though I wouldn’t mind if one of them, or even one of the other guys I’m talking to wanted to date me exclusively… I’m not going to push them for that.  They know that I’m seeing other people too.  But that being said, it’d sort of be nice, and maybe easier, if one would just man up and show some real interest.

That’s why things are confusing.  I don’t know where things stand other than the “it’s casual” sort of thing.  And while, yes, I am okay with this… sometimes I wonder if they see it as we’re casual dating or not.  Because when you get down to it, we’re more than friends.  And then you throw in the fact that maybe one of them might also be casually seeing one of your other friends, but you can’t talk about it… yeah, more confusion.

Like I said.  All of this could be from the fact that my brain wants to shut down and my body just wants to cuddle.  (But with this kinda sorta casual thing, it means there’s no one laying next to me ready to shut off my laptop and throw his arms around me.)

Maybe in the morning none of this will matter.

As Lovely and I would say… BOYS.

  • Dating is hard/stressful. All I want to do is cuddle too lol

  • Captain Obvious here with some important announcements,

    While hanging/making out (or etc) is fun, it doesn’t build relationships. It’s cotton candy and no meal. It is without substance.

    “Man up” can be done by both women and men, and if the men are acting like boys,
    then the only option left is for a woman to do it.

    Don’t fuck with people’s hearts. If confusion is apparent in the situation, clear it up, either by telling them what you expect, or by asking what they expect. This can be hard to do, but someone needs to do it (and if they’re not doing it…see the “man up” message).

    now a message from Kifer:

    Stop settling for bullshit. I’m awesome and You are awesome. but as such, it is our duty to help inform the confused people of their awesomeness potential. To stop settling for bullshit and go out and ask the question “what do I want in my world?” “what can I do today to make my world just that much more awesome?” and then go do it.

    so…of course you can settle for this at any moment, but since the everyday confusing and bullshit is always here, why not strive for something more kickass while we have the option? Leave your excuses at the door.

  • A few years ago I met the perfect woman….err…two women, who together made up the perfect woman. One had brains, passion, and made me want to be a better man. The other was incredibly sweet, loyal, and had an amazing family. The problem was that I had to take the good with the bad, and that was too much for both. Drat.

  • Thanks everyone!

    I need to watch my heart — wait, this sounds familiar… And I also think I need to make sure the guys and I are on the same page. One of them I’m pretty sure I am, but the other… not so sure. I just want to make sure I am/was more than a fling to him, because he’s more than just a hook up to me.

  • Dani

    If you’re dating a bunch at once, doesn’t sound like any of them are worth being exclusive with. It’s not about manning up – it’s about the right match. Right?

    • Thanks Mawls. 🙂 It’s definitely been an adjustment dating around rather than just meeting someone and dating exclusively like we did in school.

      Dani – With two of them I could easily see them being a good match. … but yeah, I shouldn’t be making excuses for them….

  • Jeff

    Guys don’t know what they want. Well people in general don’t know. Guys don’t want to commit. They want to go far, but they don’t want to go far each and every day. Its sad, but true. Then there are the guys that want to commit that you probably won’t like cuz they’re too ready to commit or creepy 🙂

    • yep. overly wanting a relationship is not a good thing.

      … it always reminds me to keep myself in check ’cause if I don’t like it, I know guys don’t either.

  • Jeff

    Just be yourself and don’t want a relationship, then they’ll want a relationship. Maybe its one of those things where as soon as you say… oh I’m dating a guy right now. Then they’ll want you, or they’ll try to guilt trip you by saying, huh? I thought we were an item?

    • ugh. that will totally happen. I just know it.

  • Jeff

    Well you could provoke it by saying… I’m dating a guy now. We’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Then when they say something like… aw shucks and I was just waiting to make my move. Then you can say mu-ah-ha-ha-ha! I lied!

    • I’ll let you know how that goes.

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