what do I wear?!

5 December 2009

Tonight is going to be awesome.

I’ll post more about it either tomorrow or Monday… but tonight is going to be awesome.

Rachel and I, along with Nintendo and Brand About Town, are hosting a WiiFit Plus party tonight.

I’m beyond excited.  Even if it means sharing my weight and BMI with a room full of women.  (They’ll be doing it too.)

However… What do I wear?!?!

  • Jeff

    You wear dino masks and glasses. I would have so loved to go, if I knew about it and wasn’t already booked. I’m sure all the other girls were fearing things too. You wear unattractive sweats, a “makes you look fat” hoddie 🙂 And a baseball cap that says NY Mets.

    • I’ll have pictures to post soon. 🙂 That picture you saw of the sparkly pink tights? yeah, I wore those. and a mini skirt.

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