7 December 2009

So, as you may have noticed, there seems to be a small handful of guys in my life right now.  I can understand how it can get confusing if you’re attempting to follow along/live vicariously through me.

So, here’s short little list, with a wee bit of a description, to help.  I’m not going to go into too much detail into the identities of these men.  This is basically just a brief overview, a primer if you will, of the guys… (be they someone I’ve gone on dates with or just a current crush)

  • The Boy — he’s a science teacher, gymnastics coach/former gymnast, and drummer.  He’s very pretty.  Yes, we’ve had some not so awesome moments, but… I like him.  Not very much of a cuddler, nor that into cupcakes.
  • The Musician Snuggles — I’ve had a terrible time thinking up of some sort of alias for this dude.  But Snuggles will work. He’s probably just as much of a physical/physically expressive person as I am.  (Snuggles -> snuggling…)  He’s creative and talented, and lordy do I find him sexy.  (He sang for me.)  Not only does he like cupcakes, but has suggested we go on cupcake dates.
  • The Banker — well, um, probably a bit obvious here, but I’m okay with that.  He’s nice and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him.  It makes depositing my paychecks even more enjoyable.
  • The whole foods dude — also a little obvious, but there are a lot of guys who work there.  He seems nice, but I never really get to talk to him.  I also don’t want to be that creepy girl who always waits to go through his line every time…  but he’s cute.
  • The swell guy — I’ve known him for almost a year now.  He’s still pretty awesome, but since he’s not in the city, well, we mostly just talk online or text.  He asked if I would be his text lover.
  • The neighbor — not really seeing much of him any more.  But he lives close by….  He’s nice and all, but like pretty much every guy I’ve ever been interested in, he’s really busy.
  • Jeff — we haven’t met in person yet, but we’ve been talking on and off for over 2 years now.  He’s great.  and trying to take over my comments section here on wench.  He doesn’t live in the city, but close.

There’s the line up.  I trust you’ll ask if you’ve got questions/think I’m missing someone/want more stores.

  • CMigs

    More, more! I love this stuff. I’m quite impressed with your bravery in asking dudes out. I tend to act more like Charlie Brown did with the little red-haired girl. I think your next post needs to be a how-to guide. Uh, not for me, I have a friend who wants to know . . .

  • Jeff

    Just my thoughts, but go for Snuggles or the Boy. Based on their descriptions, Snuggles is more up a geek nerd’s alley. The Boy wouldn’t keep you happy in the long run. Like a year or two down the road. He’s more of a fit for a suburbanite that will most likely reject him and think he’s into the gents. Also the fact that he won’t bend on snuggling and cupcaking.

    I dated someone that worked at Whole Foods. The best way I can describe dating her is… “She and her girlfriend bought a pink christmas tree today.”

    • CMigs – I might try, but sometimes I don’t know where this confidence came from.

      Jeff – I like that you’re telling me to pick guys that aren’t you. On this list, I think I’ve known you the longest. Snuggles does make me very happy though. And hey. I like my pink christmas tree.

  • Jeff

    Quite honestly, I’m into what’s best for you 🙂 Not that I know you or these guys. I’m just going from your descriptions, and because you put them first must mean something. Then you briefly gushed about them. The key thing you missed about the pink tree statement was that she and her girlfriend bought it.

    • yeah, I noticed that part. 😛

      But I still stand by my statement, I love my pink tree.

      One of these times that you’re in the city we’re going to have to meet up. Just sayin’.

  • I’m gonna use that line, Can I be your text lover, sometime in the near future. Funny…

    • I definitely giggled, A LOT, when he sent that text. 🙂

  • Jeff

    This is why my name is lostintheshufle. It comes back full circle, 10 years after making the name.

    • You’re not lost. I know where you are. It’s just not in Chicago. Which I totally think you should come visit. I’m not currently working Monday or Tuesday this upcoming week or next. Just FYI.

  • I, for one, appreciate the breakdown. I certainly get confused.

    • Oh it’s already changing again. Maybe I should just make a BOYS. page to update with a nice big “AS OF [date]” at the top…

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