picking up the pieces

Yesterday I wrote about how I’m falling apart this holiday season.  However, I don’t want people to worry that I’m heading back down that path I was on last year.  Unlike Humpty, I can be put back together again.

There are a few small things I’m doing to keep myself together and to not let small things ruin my day, week, or holiday season.  Though I am tired, and sore, and just want to have someone hold me til I fall asleep pass out… Overall I’m doing quite well and I might not be chipper, but I am good.

I’m doing small things for myself.  I’m making sure I’m getting food that I love and eating it guilt free.  Donuts every morning? Okay!  Mexican Food from the place down the street that already knows what my order is going to be? Yes! And no, I don’t feel bad that I’m not trying other things on the menu.  Now is not the time to judge my food choices.

I make sure I start off my day with music.  This month I’ve been listening to an insane amount of Arrah and the Ferns as well as BIGBIGcar.  I’ve even have speakers in my bathroom on top of the shower so I can have music while I relax in a steamy hot shower…

I also have my amazing support network of friends.  Though I only get a few hours each day to be online and hope to talk to a few of them — I do love coming home to cheerful messages, or catching up on the blogs and twitter.  I’m also very excited about someone* new in my life, if you follow both myself and Lovely you’ve probably seen the shared excitement and giggles (ala squeeeeeee!’s)…

Basically, as with any stressful situation, I’m making sure I take time to take care of myself.  I make conscious effort to do things that make me happy.  You’ve got to find your “Happiness is…” moment each day, even if they’re small.

*I know you want to know more about him, but that’s for another day! (Yes, I know. I’m a tease.)
** Another reminder: You can seriously get more info if you also follow me on tumblr.  Just saying.