trusting myself

31 December 2009

reblogged from Pink Dinosaurs:

I may have jumped too quickly with this relationship…
got caught up in the excitement, the flowers, having someone treat me amazingly and truly show interest in the first time in a long time…

but now my heart is listening to my head, and I need to step back.
So I ended the official relationship.
I’m still open to getting to know him, but I need to take the time to listen to myself and trust myself.

Because no matter how nice or sweet he is, I can’t force a relationship.

  • wow. good for you 🙂 i hope he took it ok. jumping in is definitely a bad idea, but he does seem like a good guy… i probably could’ve saved myself 6 months of drama last year, if i’d known better

  • *edit* i meant this year. my head is already in 2010 :p

  • And now that you have, watch him chase you harder than ever before… 😉

    • michelle – that’s how I was feeling, better to pull back now and think about things than have a train wreck a few months later.

      lilu – oh lordy, I don’t know if I could handle more flowers and whatnot… (okay, *maybe* I can…) 😉

  • Jake

    was it a case of you weren’t into him or too much too soon?

    • both actually.

      I was swooning like crazy after our first date and getting flowers… pretty much up until I got home for Christmas. Then I came back, he asked me out, I said yes, then the more I thought about it through the week it just felt too soon. I was more okay with dating exclusively but not saying we were “boyfriend-girlfriend”. (Which yeah, not much difference, but man there is some weight that comes with those labels.) Anyway. When I said I wanted to step back, he decided it was best we never talk again.

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