2010: Year of the Cupcake

1 January 2010

I don’t generally make New Years resolutions.  Again, I’m going to pull the Quaker card and point out that choosing New Years to make a resolution is dumb (for me) because it’s just another day.  But yeah, digression.

For 2010, I plan on making this my Year of the Cupcake.  Each month I must get to at least one new bakery an try at least one of their cupcakes.  I’d like to get to more than just 12 for the year, but I’m starting out with something that is definitely manageable.  If I can get to more than one a month, awesome — but it still only counts for that month.  Cupcakes don’t rollover.

And of course, to help keep me accountable, I’m going to blog about it.  I even plan on making a little badge for myself too.  It’s all a part of my plan to be Chicago’s Cupcake Expert.

So while most of you are making resolutions to be more active, more productive, healthier… I’ll be sitting back taste-testing the sweet joy that is a cupcake.  Because that’s how I do resolutions.

Happy New Year everyone.

  • CMigs

    Starbucks just brought back their “signature” cupcakes. Are they on your list?

    • They weren’t…. but now I’m intrigued… they can’t be more expensive than half of the Chicago cupcakes, so I guess I should!

  • lol that’s a fun resolution. think you’ll branch out into other sweets once you’ve gone through all the cupcakes?

    enjoy 🙂

    • Never. I’m a cupcake loyalist. 🙂

  • CMigs

    The Starbucks cupcakes are rather small, and cost $2.25 each. Maybe they taste really good?

    • A lot of chicago cupcakes cost between $2.50-4…. My favorites, at Phoebe’s, are only $2 regardless of what flavor or filling or anything. They’re not massive, a standard size cupcake. But they taste great. Phoebe definitely knows that a cupcake is more than just the icing.

      …. I think I need a cupcake journal to take with me….

  • Dani
    • I need that. …. definitely before my 26th birthday.

  • mmm cupcakes..

  • This is a kickass idea.

    • Thanks! I’m excited about it.. 🙂 Not only is it cupcakes, but I’ll get to explore the city more.

  • This is an excellent resolution!

  • J

    Luscious Layers – on Damen by Fullerton. Good stuff. And only $1-$2.

    • SWEET. Thank you! I’ve been waiting for people to start suggesting places! 🙂

  • This is AMAZING. I feel as though you’ve read my mind. See a recent tweet for evidence of cosmic connection: http://twitter.com/MlleNic/status/7999595442

    • haha awesome. 🙂

      I’ve been slacking on starting this… but it’s happening this week and I can’t wait to show off this first bakery. (Hoping to talk to the owners of possible.)

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