The tale of the Four-Day Boyfriend

So.  I recently had a boyfriend.  For four days.

He made me really happy, but I wasn’t ready for the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing with him just yet — major surprise to me.  So I wanted to step back.  And I probably fumbled my words a lot when I said this.  Anyway.  He decided he never wants to hear from me again.

And that’s the tale of my Four-Day Boyfriend.

It still hurts some.  He’s a sweet guy who treated me well.  Something just didn’t feel right.  And rather than wait for a fiery crash, I did something.

However, just today, I noticed he viewed my profile on the dating site we met on.  I so wanted to contact him.  But I’m not going to.  He asked that I didn’t contact him, he unfriended me on facebook and deleted any record of me.

At least he said goodbye, unlike some other guys who were once in my life. (Remember that time I was involved with another blogger?) … anyway.

This is where I say I’m still trying.  I’m still hopeful I’ll find some amazing guy — or he’ll find me… that somehow this amazing person will enter my life.  I’m not asking for the love of my life… I’m still young.  But yeah, I wouldn’t mind someone decent to spend some time with.