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17 January 2010

So every so often I try to page through my past… just see how far and where I’ve come from…  Mostly I tend to do this with my relationship history.   Well, at times certain situations remind me of various people and then I’m strolling back through the labyrinth that’s become memory lane.

So I was wondering… maybe I should just put it to paper (or pixels).  What do you think, dear internets?  Should I actually make a list of my past? I mean, I’m not concerned with the number of boyfriends I’ve had at this point (I think I’m at 14-15 since my first when I was 13).  But of hook ups and dates and all that?   Last year was a big year.  I almost get dizzy thinking about who what I did in 2009.

Anyway.  Any point in doing this?  … I know of course if I do make this, you’ll probably want to see it.  Thoughts, please?

  • CMigs

    How detailed are you planning to get?

    • well.. probably just “slept with” and “fooled around with” lists… not really interested in a “ex” list… nor a “went on a date with” list…

  • susie inverso

    I’m in the “past-is-the-past” camp. I also wonder if the “slept with” list is a little less important than the “got to know” list. But that could just be me. You might get a ton of responses asking you for penis size, hair color, and occupation to accompany the people on your list. *That* might be fun to read…. or not.

    • all would have pseudonyms if I posted it online. and personal info about the guys stays with me. 😉 but maybe a quick little anecdote about how I met him or something…

      The “got to know” people I still remember… but well, since I can’t recall some of the others, I thought a list could help with that.

      Part of me just sort of wants to remember all that happened last year… I feel that I saw a lot of guys… and I’ve probably talked about a lot of them here, but not had them all in one spot. granted, as soon as I post it, they’ll probably be like 2 or 5 more because of course I’ll maybe meet someone at the next Mucca show… and introduce him to you hopefully only once that time… 😉

  • CMigs

    how does one go about meeting guys at Mucca shows? does one stuff a certain color bandana in ones back pocket?

    • well, liquid courage is generally involved in some amount or another.

      And well, I’ve mostly only hooked up at the Empty Bottle shows. (that I can remember)… though I do meet a lot of people at the shows… mostly I meet the band, so now I just hang out with them and meet their friends. Also: Flirting with the Mucca Men… always fun. always. 😉

      But maybe a “How to Meet Guys at Mucca Shows” post is something for the future…

  • CMigs

    I do think a “How to Meat Guys at Mucca Shows” is in order. I bet they’re all kinds of delectable nerdy-ness!

    • HA! all right then. I’ll start thinking things up… and well, I guess I should use the last concert for the story seeing as I did happen to meet a man from Macedonia… (how’s that for a teaser!)

  • yes please do! and can you make me feel less like a ho? thanks!
    ; )

    • nice. thanks.

      last night I was looking through the names on my phone… hooked up with him, made out with him, wanted to make out with him…. ugh… then there was the “can’t believe I hooked up with him”…

  • Eh, I tend to not write any of that stuff down. Sometimes it’s better to forget. Anything worth remembering, you would remember… That’s just me though.

  • i say do it if it’s amusing to you to recount it. my dating life has been shit so i don’t think i’ll ever want to relive the idiots i’ve encountered… granted there are a couple really awesome guys in the mix, too

    • I’ve had some good ones in my past…. I mean, yeah, I have to admit I am sometimes with Susie, the past is the past… but I’m still interested in seeing it all out on paper, er, pixels.

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