"Writing" a blog post – a response to Pham

20 January 2010

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you should probably click to embiggen.

the original post by pham

  • I love that you included a Glass button and a stick figure 🙂

    • 🙂 there was too much white space.

  • Gah, I love yours! So much cuter than mine, that’s for sure. Ha.

    • Well, if you saw my regular writing… I guess what’s called “chicken scratch”…. yeah… maybe sometime I’ll scan a page of my writing journal. THEN you can see my real writing. 🙂

  • Dangit! I should have used color!

    • haha WIN!

      I mean… there’s always next time… 🙂

  • CMigs

    Okay, I’m ready to hear about the Macedonian.

  • aww yours looks so pretty!!!

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