2 February 2010

Okay, outside of being redundant, this is going to be all about me.  (Yeah, I know, when isn’t this about me?)

Anyway.  This whole being in charge of the toy store thing is really eating up a lot of my time.  I’ll get used to the schedule eventually, but this is my first week of open-to-close by myself.  Not to mention, I’m paired up with a girl who’s been there longer than I have, but yet I’m the one who got the promotion… yeah…

So.  Not that I don’t think you wouldn’t ask unprompted anyway… I’m going to ask you to ask me anything.  Seriously.  I want to say that no topic is off the table, but there are one or two things I may choose to not answer for the moment.  But ask regardless.

You can either ask here… or via
I’ll collect them for a few days or so, and then post the responses.  Maybe we’ll make this a monthly thing or something… maybe not.

So yes.  Ask me anything.  Heck, Jaron’s going to be here in a few days, if you want to ask him anything*, go for it.  I’ll make him answer while he’s here.

*I mean, he is the only guy I’m interested in… so… yeah.
  • You seem to love your job, so I’m sure it’ll be fine opening and closing all week. Best of luck!!
    .-= MinD´s last blog ..37 years. =-.

  • I so asked. And it was not about cuddling or forts.
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..How I Fail at Being a Woman =-.

    • sweet. 🙂

      I have seen your question and will be answering… well, whenever I figure out if I’m going to answer the ones right away or wait until I have enough questions for a blog post…

  • CMigs

    Would Jaron like to see the current incarnation of the health care bill pass, or would he prefer to see this one die, and hope for another one in the future that includes a public option?

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