14 February 2010

I’ve been tinkering with the design a little bit… no major changes… as of yet…

Not sure how I feel, other than it’s an improvement over the previous.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?  Links to prettiness/inspiration?

  • I like the background pattern – it’s pretty without being overpowering :o)

    PS: There are two of the exact same “notify me of follow up comments” boxes on the comment screen I’m seeing right now. Glitch?
    .-= Rebekah´s last blog ..Cold turkey is only good on sandwiches. =-.

    • Yeah… it’s a glitch. I’m still working on that one… 😉


  • i like the gray and pink together… although, im not loving the background pattern. it’s cute with the sidebars, but the header makes it a little busy
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..they’ll make you paper mache =-.

    • hmm. My other option was the same pattern, but it’s more grey… I just wanted something for the header to pop off of… not just white anymore… so if I don’t use this background, it’ll just be a shade of grey…

  • I love the background. it’s pretty and kind of like what my old design was which i adored! so i approve. also, love the new tagline. you should totally make the BIGGER.
    .-= jenniferalaine´s last blog ..how to have a single girl’s valentine’s day. =-.

    • 🙂 thanks!

      I’ve got to finish the header at some point (it doesn’t line up with the background for the side bars, it’s just a smidge off)… so I’ll make the tag line a bit more, um, in your face. 😉

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